Da Mad Face: some hardcore hip hop tones straight outta NYC

Da Mad Face is a trio of artists composed of Yung Onyx, Onyx and Ox. A great dose of grittiness, a true ghetto spirit, some hardcore sounds with contrasting, soft guitar sounds in the background will give you a foretaste of Wildin’ Wildin’. The hardest, grimiest boys are here, carrying that allday, sometimes hard to swallow hood reality. The trio introduces you into an overheated, messed up atmosphere in which guntalk is the rule.
Bangout won’t reassure the listener. With its catchy beats, its piano-keyboard instrumentals, the tracks will let him guess the danger and drama all around while Da Mad Face’s gritty voices shoot like the fastest pistols, targetting everyone on their way.
The blunt rap is truly a bangout. Don’t sleep on it!
All My Life has a much more nostalgic meaning. It is dedicated to a fallen friend, X1.
The various instrumental background made of trumpets, candanced drum beats, violins has some jazzy-soul accents. The song will recall the good and the bad and certainly talk to the listener’s imagination.
Wanna have a taste of Mad Face’s hip hop? Check it out here.
Copyright2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved