Commemorating September the 11th…

Dedicated to my American friends, whether they agree with this content or not.
While sitting on my computer, I am having a little thought for my American friends, whether in real life or on the net.
I can recall when I first discovered the horrific vision of the 9/11 attacks on German TV in 2001.
It really took me time to realize that this was no fiction, but the sad reality- which also leads me to a second question.
When President Bush targetted the Talibans in October 2001, he promised a safer world to all of us. His political mistakes, his worthless, bloody Iraqi war increased our unsafety.
Not only the USA, but many European countries and overseas countries do live under a constant terror threat.
I think it is time our world leaders analyzed the consequences of their actions for our kids to benefit from a safer environment.
I don’t want to live in fear. Neither do other citizens of our world.
Islam is not our biggest enemy, but the arrogance of some greedy leaders who present themselves as saviors when they are responsible for millions of deaths.
Let’s all pray for a world of peace and tolerance.
I hope a tragedy like 9/11th never happens again.
Copyright2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved