Emanuel G has his own way of telling stories…

No matter of you classify him into a soul, acoustic or jazz musician (or maybe the three of them categories), Emanuel G is an amazing storyteller who immediately raises the listeners’ interest. With his guitar and drum beats background, Emanuel G’s soft and warm voice knows how to talk to his listeners’ soul.
Lean back in your chair, enjoy the chillout atmosphere, open an attentive ear to the music.
A Little More Time is enhanced with numerous guitars and some catchy percussion beats. With a definitely romantic spirit, Emanuel G talks about destiny. Some people are meant to be together. Let Emanuel G convince you about destiny.
Back In My Head is a dynamic track that combines traditional and electric guitars. The softness of the track is counterbalanced with the rhythmic drum beats. Let Emanuel speak about love.
A Man In Love is another poetic track in which Emanuel’s know how will move your heart about that little, but nevertheless important and magic thing called love.
Different expresses life’s numerous challenges and the wonderful opportunity it has to offer, always with a musician’s great sense of rhythm.
Emanuel G might sound too monotonous to some or maybe too romantic. However, I’d advice all of you to give him a listen here before making your mind about him.
Copyright2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved