Dirty Black: a gutter taste of Carolinian hip hop

He’s truly a hood boy who spits it raw. With his Southern flavored instrumental background made of trumpets, synthetizers, rhythmic drum beats, Dirty Black brings another dimension to Dirty South hip hop. He’s shifty, he’s a bad boy with a mad flow, he’s grimy and proud of it.
Never mind the filthy details: you will definitely like What It Do.
With the same, powerful instrumental background softened by the vocals and some handclaps, the rhythm poundering keyboards will take you into a heavy, dirty, nevertheless cool universe of the Eaze Up song.
I’m Living starts with a softer voice. The orchestral sounds will let the listener guess the drama that surrounds the song. Dirty Black expresses how hard it is to grow up in the hood with its numerous dangers. The hood might be a harsh playground, but Dirty Black will also teach you how an increased willpower combined with talent can change your destiny.
Gotta Hustle will take your ears for a journey of adventures in which a man gotta make money-no matter what. Are you feeling his fight? Dirty Black has the guts to do what a man gotta do.
Discover his music made in Carolina here.
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18 thoughts on “Dirty Black: a gutter taste of Carolinian hip hop”

  1. DeMond is in the building!And for along time,I’ve been a major fan of Hip Hop for the music,the movement and the culture!But,It’s about time you hear nothing but straight bangas,you don’t have to press the fast forward botton on!Dirty Black is bringing more weight to the game,then sumo wrestlers in there prime and niggas need to recognize!Don’t Hate….Congradulate!!

  2. DeMond is in the building!Dirty Black is bringing more weight to the game,then sumo wrestlers in there prime and niggas need to recognize!Don’t Hate….Congradulate!!

  3. I’m definitly feeling each subject he touches on!BANGAS!The game needs to prepare for an upset!!!It’s COMING!!

  4. yeah i like all of his songs.if you listen to the lyrics you see he is touching on alot of things.

  5. i think carolina dont get behind its artist.its a state not known for supporting,but i think he has what it takes to blow

  6. yo he’s gully wit it.i think niggaz really gonna be calling houston 4 real!!!!he’s on some western shit.take ten paces and draw

    The best thing that i can say about dirty black is that he is consistant. Every single track is a banger. I dont know if if the world is ready for the realness that this brother spits. Being a street poet myself i can respect the truth in the words he speaks. Dealing with the pressures of every day life can have you walking the moral lines of good and evil. To take that evil and use it to do good or even impove and learn ones self it is the essence of rap, hip hop, and revolution.. Change can come only if you face the reality and Dirty Is as real as they come.
    Execellent article Isabelle !!!
    Vegas Out

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