Wing deserves to spread his wings in the jungle of Compton

Taken out of his Eat Or Be Eaten album, Out Of Sight is an offensive track that is flavored with Wing’s raspy voice and some nostalgic accents. He spits with confidence and won’t rap to please you. The skilled artist will tell you the hood the way it is. While explaining the path he chose, the mistakes he made, Wing truly blesses the mic.
Soft vocals introduce It Ain’t Right in which Wing expresses about the difficulty of growing up in a black man’s world. Black pain is present during the whole song. Wing denounces America’s leaders racist behaviors with a revolutionary attitude. He brings the listener to the original meaning of the ghetto gospel, which is at first a tremendous fight against slavery and any kind of discrimination.
Might Be is an instrumental poweful song with some rhythmic beats, some dark tuba and trumpet sounds. It introduces your ears to a more festive songs in which Wing flows with ease.
Walk By: like soldier steps, the song begins, suddenly pushing you into a mad flow and swinging atmosphere. Wing emulates his listeners, manages to create enthusiasm. Clap your hands, folks and follow the man’s passion for his art.
Wing truly deserves your attention. Allow him to spread his wings in the tough city of Compton and to become one of hip hop’s next raising star!
Copyright2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved