The Longest Yard movie review

Rating of the product: 4 stars
Although one could not really define me as an American football fan, I really enjoyed the movie.
Starring in the role of Paul Crewe, Adam Sandler gives us an excellent interpretation of his role. The movie also features rapper Nelly (who acted great too, if you ask me) and our well known D 12 rappers (not Eminem though) in minor roles.
I think that any viewer can learn a lot from the movie that teaches you about life.
Paul Crewe is a former football player who lives the life of a parasite at his girlfriend s home. He feels bored and spends his time watching football matches on Tv, deeply angering his girlfriend who would like him to attend to her parties.
Paul s life suddenly takes a dramatical turn when he starts stealing his girlfriend’s car and locking her up in the closet.
The police is after him and he eventually gets caught. Not even his great sense of humor will prevent him from being incarcerated into one of those awful Southern American jails.
However and despite one of the guardians disapproval, Paul Crewe gets a request from the jail director to become the leader of the inmates football team. But this team has yet to be chosen. Paul manages to make a friend, brilliantly played by Chris Rock. Both men will be building the team that will play against prison guardians in a big, official match.
A lot of efforts and sacrifices are made. Some members of the team rediscover their passion for sport. Before the start of the official match, Paul Crewe will go through a range of challenges and difficult situations, including the tragical death of his best friend.
The movies teaches about the team spirit and the will to win. In the end, the inmates will reach victory against the guardian which also represents a symbolical victories against the gardians atrocities and misbehaviors towards the inmates.
I liked the good dose of humor and the sense of realness that was displayed in the 2005 released movie. I recommend it to all of you, even if you re not a football fan.
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What s wrong with the British society?

When I arrived to London, I first looked at the positive sides of the country. Of course, there are many. However, after a few months of residence, I noticed some real weird things about the British society that really need to be pointed out.
First of all, I hate the way young people from the poorer areas like Brixton perceived as the worst criminals.
The youths wearing hoodies are automatically singled out and viewed as drug addicts and violent persons.
It is really stupid to think like rightist Ann Widdecombe that you have more chances to get attacked by young people, hip hop dressed young men than by any other average adult person who will give his preference to more conventional clothes.
Let s use our brains before discriminating against a specific category of people. Logically, there are criminals of all ages and of very different cultural backgrounds in England. Being young and from a poorer area doesn t automatically make a criminal of you.
I also read that one Council intends to forbid a couple to smoke inside of their own living room, based on a neighbor s complaint! How crazy are stories like these? Ask me and I will tell you that the whole affair stinks!
Don t misunderstand me. I am not a smoker. I don t like the smell of tobacco at all and I am in favor of banning cigarettes in public places.
However, forbidding people to smoke in their own house is just plain stupid. What about people s privacy? Aren t you supposed to be free to light a cigarette in your own house?
Some aspects of the British society seriously freak me out.
In most administrations, you are supposed to keep your mouth shut and to conform, even if you strongly disagree. If you start shouting at people, the security will be called immediately and your behavior will be labeled as anti social. Let me tell you what: fuck that. If I need to elevate my voice because I disagree of because my rights are denied, I will. Call me anti social, I don t care about what you think. I refuse to be one of your million of complacent robots. If I have something to say, I’ll say it loud if needed.
Moreover, I am scandalized about MP s telling people that immigration doesn t pay. Excuse me???
It is a well known fact that many immigrants in the UK are currently taking badly paid jobs that British nationals wouldn t even do. Many Polish and other Eastern immigrants do work a sweat for a misery salary.
Should I remind you about the many countries of the Commonwealth England exploited for centuries? You have no right to be dissatisfied with immigration, because immigration makes your economy turn!
Hypocritically, you dare to complain about them sending money in their countries, which are the same countries your ancestors colonized.
I am glad to know that Third World Countries immigrants are sending some money to feed their families, because your government won t help them anyway.
If you don t want new immigrants, don t let them in. It is as simple as that.
Come on, you dare to point out such racist views publicly? Should I remind you that immigrants are precisely the major element that made your country wealthy. Remove all the immigrants and let me see if your country s economy will keep turning!
Snitching is also highly encouraged by the UK government and I loathe it. You receive a specific number to call in your mailbox if you notice anti social behavior in your street or neighborhood. In case you know about a neighbor who is cheating on benefits, you are nicely invited to call the same number.
Hey, wait a minute. How far does this have to go? I am against denunciation. Unless a neighbor is really disturbing my quietness, I see no reason to be nosey about his/ her personal business. If this person is cheating about the benefits, it is really none of my business. It rather consider that this is the government s job to track fraud, not mine.
I really hate the way the government wants us to think that each measure that is taken is in favor of our security. I d rather say that it aims to control us a little bit more every day.
In a modern country such as the UK, individual freedom seems to remain a foreign word. I wish MP s would descend from their pedestal from time to time and be more conscious about the REAL world.
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It is official: ID magazine launches January 2007!

It is official: ID magazine launches January 2007
What is exactly ID magazine? ID stands for Isa and Donna. We both decided to combine our writing talents, since we both share the same passion for writing and hip hop.
ID magazine will feature writers, writer and movie reviews, mainstream and underground hip hop artists reviews, interviews and CD reviews.
It should interest a wide range of readers. We are very dedicated to our writings, but we are nothing without the readership.
Visits and feedback are very welcome.
Visit us here.
Oh yea, by the way, we have a my space too. My space users, come talk to us and add us here.
We count on you, readers! Come read and discuss hip hop and various other topics with us. Let s share the same passion all together.
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What makes a real artist?

What makes a real artist?
While many carry the artist title because they are part of the music industry, very few can actually pretend to be entitled to the golden crown that makes them real artists.
As far as I can look back, music has always been full part of my life. Growing up with classical music with some openings towards jazz and pop music, I have extended my interest to black music including gospel, soul, blues, and of course, hip hop. I am usually open minded about music, as long as it pleases my ear. However, I am very picky when it comes to define somebody as a real artist. Only the Great who influenced music history deserve to be classified as real artists.
Johann Sebastian Bach is one of those real musicians. His music is an example of hard work. His incessant quest for perfection and harmony characterizes his music. Among the Great, you can count people like John Lennon, Ray Charles, Duke Ellington , James Brown, Eazy E, Nas-and yes- Eminem, whatever his haters might have to object. (This list of artists I mentioned here, is of course, non exhaustive)
Despite the fact RIP Proof was less known from the public than other famous artists, he had all the qualities that make a real artist.
So what is the definition of a real artist?
A real artist, a plain artist is a person who makes music for the love of it, not for the money only, even if he is perfectly conscious that he has a family to feed. A true artist must be inspirational to the listeners. Whatever his message is, people must be able to feel the music and to acknowledge the feelings expressed through the voice, lyrics and instrumentals.
A true artist usually has high requirements regarding the quality of his beats, instrumentals and recorded voice. Never satisfied with himself, he keeps working hard over the years in order to satisfy his public.
A true artist will always put his passion for the music, the will of sharing it and to satisfy his audience before the material aspect of the show biz.
A true artist definitely manages to generate a genuine enthusiasm among his audience.
While being on stage, he becomes the music. He and the audience are one and that’s the full beauty of the musical fusion created by dedicated artists and a very receptive audience.
When you hear the song, you must be able to feel the artists feelings and to forget about yourself, because during such moments, there is only place left for the music. Yes, this can happen if the artist is a real, dedicated person towards his art.
When you heard a person like James Brown tell their audience: I feel so good I wanna screeeeaaam , you perfectly know that his words werent made up. There is a wonderful chemistry between such artists and the public. Good vibes are in the air and they penetrate into the mesmerized audiences.
Real artists usually stay humble in front of other great artists. Not only do they possess a good musical culture, but they will never mind quoting other legends. I heard James Brown paying homage to Ray Charles, for instance. So did Nas.
I do consider Eminem as a plain artist, because he changed the face of the rap game. He dared to use different themes than the usual themes used in hip hop and proved to be an astute word acrobat, playing with syllables and foolishly putting words together that you would never see side by side in real life. Moreover, his music touched a lot of people from different backgrounds all over the world.
RIP Proof never failed in naming big influences of his like Kurt Cobain, Jerry Garcia and John Lennon numerous times. One can consider D12 s Proof as a rhyming genius too. He had an amazing sense of realness and more importantly, a great passion for hip hop that won t die away since his
murder on April the 11th, 2006.
The Great in the music have the power to influence generations and usually make history. Even their deaths will never erase their contribution to the music history.
Entire artists are the ones who deserve your respect, because you know, deep inside of you, that they are the ones who live and breathe the music for your ears greatest pleasure. Only those guys will live on through their music over the centuries.
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Unreleased Eazy E featuring BG Knocc Out and Badazz Sippin On A 40 (LBC Remix) song review

Many thanks to an Aussie friend who recently provided me the rare track
Rating of the product: 4 stars
A typical dark funky bassline gently introduces the very rhythmic track while Badass, Eazy E and BG Knocc Out will tell you about an argument regarding 40 oz beers. Meet the tight ass rappers sippin on a 40, walk through the unsafe landscape of the LA ghetto and enjoy the typical gangsta flavor of the track.
The festive atmosphere of the chorus strongly contrasts with the unsafe nature of the incisive lyrics. Welcome into Eazy E s drunken universe made of weed smokers and bad gangstas.
The three hip hop thugstas will provide the listeners some explosive gunshots alike lyrics and some well worked on instrumentals. Light and dark keyboard sounds, swinging drum beats, violins, a noisy chorus will create that unique Night N Day effect.
This song is definitely worth a listen.
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Will Saddam Hussein s hanging change the face of the world?

A few days ago, Saddam Hussein has been hanged. Bush s decision scandalizes me, not only because I do think that the death sentence wasn t entirely justified, but also because I am very much worried about the consequences of Saddam Hussein s hanging.
Of course, Saddam Hussein has been an horrible dictator. Many civilians suffered under his political regime.
My point is: if Saddam had to be judged, it should have been by his own folks. Considering the fact that the Islam hardly dissociates religion, finances and politics, he also should have been granted the right to be judged by a Muslim government.
President Bush never found evidence of chemical weapons in Iraq. But he allowed himself the right to invade the country for his own hegemony benefits.
A few days ago, Bush was spending some comfortable holidays in his Texan ranch. He thought a lot about politics. The thought of a withdrawal of the American troops in Iraq never ever crossed his mind, though.
Young and even underage Americans are killed nearly every day for Bush s wrong policy and I really hate that thought.
Iraqi civilians suffer from atrocities committed by some American soldiers (who act that way to obey orders) too.
I think that politicians should put an end to this stupid Iraqi war instead of encouraging it. It is quite obvious that politicians like Bush and Blair only have their own interests in mind while civilians will have to pay the consequences.
Some Muslim fanatics have sworn vengeance for Saddam s hanging.
Who will pay the consequences? American and other European civilians might pay the highest price.
While airplanes and subways might explode someday soon as the consequences of terrorist acts, George W and his wife Laura will enjoy a safe and comfortable dinner at the White House.
How can those people look at themselves in the mirror and think they are acting in favor of justice?
God, have mercy on the numerous innocent victims of the Iraqi war. Let it come to an end for the world s safety.
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T Trash brings you another tasty flavor of Michigan underground hip hop

T Trash is one of those artists that will barely leave his listeners indifferent. T Trash is a Michigan underground hip hop artist who recently released a CD called Chaotic. You will be able to discover some of his catchy songs on his official website.
Time To Get Lifted is a beautifully worked on track. Based on swinging drum beats combined with numerous violins, the song introduces you to a very lyrical gig. I really enjoyed the way this amazing artist astutely played with words.
Good vs Evil is a classical theme that has often been used by many hip hop artists. But T Trash has his own way of telling his internal mental battles in which his good and evil side fight each other. From high school stories, he manages to describe the spiritual world of his with a very insightful vision of angels trying to guide you in the right way while demons wicked voices are here to tempt you, misguiding you to bad actions and drug use. In the end, the young boy chooses the wrong way, offering his soul to the devil. Although he escaped to death by overdose, he chooses the path of the killers. The song is definitely critical towards teachers.
Rich instrumentals such as harp sounds mixed up with violins and rhythmic drum beats.
T Trash has his own way of telling you Michigan. Michigan Mutha Fuckas. It expresses the harshness and the beauty of the state. The track is rhythmic and enlightens T Trash s raw raps. You gotta love that song!
T Trash s style is wicked, noisy, sharp as a knife. Detroit hip hop lovers should definitely love it.
Curious to explore T Trash? Do it here.
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You want a miracle? Be the miracle!

The well known Bruce Almighty movie in which Jim Carrey brilliantly interprets the role of reporter Bruce Nolan raised an important reflection in my mind. There is one sequence in particular that made me think. Do you remember when God is telling Bruce: You want a miracle? Be the miracle!
Like Bruce Nolan, most of us might get through stages of deep discontentment with our lives. It is easier to blame God for each dysfunctional part of our life rather than to question ourselves about doing the right thing or not in order to achieve what we really want.
God is almighty. He can fix our lives in less than five minutes , like an enraged Bruce pointed it out in the movie. That s true. But one has to consider that God never acts without our own initiative. Even if you can only give 2% your efforts of invest very little money, your personal duty has to be accomplished before God comes into play.
Another thing is that you gotta be sincere about your motivations and deeply know what you really want! Only precise prayers receive precise answers.
A person of faith should always remember that little, nevertheless important detail.
Of course, the Lord can do it all without us. But He wants to see your little dose of faith in action, before you can see His hand in your life, dreams and projects.
Don t care about what other people think or say. Just act with faith and you will be the miracle, because that kind of attitude works wonders!
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