Will Saddam Hussein s hanging change the face of the world?

A few days ago, Saddam Hussein has been hanged. Bush s decision scandalizes me, not only because I do think that the death sentence wasn t entirely justified, but also because I am very much worried about the consequences of Saddam Hussein s hanging.
Of course, Saddam Hussein has been an horrible dictator. Many civilians suffered under his political regime.
My point is: if Saddam had to be judged, it should have been by his own folks. Considering the fact that the Islam hardly dissociates religion, finances and politics, he also should have been granted the right to be judged by a Muslim government.
President Bush never found evidence of chemical weapons in Iraq. But he allowed himself the right to invade the country for his own hegemony benefits.
A few days ago, Bush was spending some comfortable holidays in his Texan ranch. He thought a lot about politics. The thought of a withdrawal of the American troops in Iraq never ever crossed his mind, though.
Young and even underage Americans are killed nearly every day for Bush s wrong policy and I really hate that thought.
Iraqi civilians suffer from atrocities committed by some American soldiers (who act that way to obey orders) too.
I think that politicians should put an end to this stupid Iraqi war instead of encouraging it. It is quite obvious that politicians like Bush and Blair only have their own interests in mind while civilians will have to pay the consequences.
Some Muslim fanatics have sworn vengeance for Saddam s hanging.
Who will pay the consequences? American and other European civilians might pay the highest price.
While airplanes and subways might explode someday soon as the consequences of terrorist acts, George W and his wife Laura will enjoy a safe and comfortable dinner at the White House.
How can those people look at themselves in the mirror and think they are acting in favor of justice?
God, have mercy on the numerous innocent victims of the Iraqi war. Let it come to an end for the world s safety.
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3 thoughts on “Will Saddam Hussein s hanging change the face of the world?”

  1. God Bless all the men and women who are serving in any branch of the miltary…My only wish is you all return home safely and soon! You are in my toughts and prayers!

  2. Je pense en effet que les conséquences vont être terrible.
    Je pense qu’il le méritait mais peut-être faut-il penser d’abord aux conséquences de ce genre d’acte…

  3. Well Isa, I wrote an apology note to your myspace account as I feel real bad about what i wrote to you on one of your previous articles. I totally and utterly agree with you on this subject here- Saddam’s Execution. All i could think of while this particular event was unfolding was that if in this day and age it was acceptable to execute Saddam was-
    1. Why did the same fate not befall Augusto Pinochet? Charming man that he was with his friends in high places ie Margaret Thatcher(ex Prime Minister of Great Britain). He seemed to almost be allowed a dignified death.
    2. If Saddam is such a murderous beast as our press like to make him out to be and the execution of mass murderers is now the norm for leaders who kill so many thousands, I shall sincerely be hoping to see our own Tony Blair and his master of ceremonies- George Bush to be hanging from some gallows in their own respective countries quite soon and having their pictures taken on our mobile phones!
    I tire of the media sometimes and also of the horrendous events that seem to have been unfolding since the year 2000. How some leaders and dictators are friends with the west and are allowed to commit such atrocoties such as the Israeli Government against the Palestines but to still have the enormous back up of the U.S and the U.K but for these other countries that are in Bush’s so called “Axis of Evil”, so many different rules apply.
    Anyway Isa, hope you forgive me for my wee rant the other day.
    Keep up the good work!!

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