It is official: ID magazine launches January 2007!

It is official: ID magazine launches January 2007
What is exactly ID magazine? ID stands for Isa and Donna. We both decided to combine our writing talents, since we both share the same passion for writing and hip hop.
ID magazine will feature writers, writer and movie reviews, mainstream and underground hip hop artists reviews, interviews and CD reviews.
It should interest a wide range of readers. We are very dedicated to our writings, but we are nothing without the readership.
Visits and feedback are very welcome.
Visit us here.
Oh yea, by the way, we have a my space too. My space users, come talk to us and add us here.
We count on you, readers! Come read and discuss hip hop and various other topics with us. Let s share the same passion all together.
Copyright 2007 © by Isabelle Esling and Donna Kshir
All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “It is official: ID magazine launches January 2007!”

  1. Hi guys
    I couldn’t link up to your new page it just said error
    Anyway thanks for all your articles here
    I’ve been reading them all foe months and it is one of my favourite pages
    Good luck to you both and all the best for the new year

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