T Trash brings you another tasty flavor of Michigan underground hip hop

T Trash is one of those artists that will barely leave his listeners indifferent. T Trash is a Michigan underground hip hop artist who recently released a CD called Chaotic. You will be able to discover some of his catchy songs on his official website.
Time To Get Lifted is a beautifully worked on track. Based on swinging drum beats combined with numerous violins, the song introduces you to a very lyrical gig. I really enjoyed the way this amazing artist astutely played with words.
Good vs Evil is a classical theme that has often been used by many hip hop artists. But T Trash has his own way of telling his internal mental battles in which his good and evil side fight each other. From high school stories, he manages to describe the spiritual world of his with a very insightful vision of angels trying to guide you in the right way while demons wicked voices are here to tempt you, misguiding you to bad actions and drug use. In the end, the young boy chooses the wrong way, offering his soul to the devil. Although he escaped to death by overdose, he chooses the path of the killers. The song is definitely critical towards teachers.
Rich instrumentals such as harp sounds mixed up with violins and rhythmic drum beats.
T Trash has his own way of telling you Michigan. Michigan Mutha Fuckas. It expresses the harshness and the beauty of the state. The track is rhythmic and enlightens T Trash s raw raps. You gotta love that song!
T Trash s style is wicked, noisy, sharp as a knife. Detroit hip hop lovers should definitely love it.
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