What makes a real artist?

What makes a real artist?
While many carry the artist title because they are part of the music industry, very few can actually pretend to be entitled to the golden crown that makes them real artists.
As far as I can look back, music has always been full part of my life. Growing up with classical music with some openings towards jazz and pop music, I have extended my interest to black music including gospel, soul, blues, and of course, hip hop. I am usually open minded about music, as long as it pleases my ear. However, I am very picky when it comes to define somebody as a real artist. Only the Great who influenced music history deserve to be classified as real artists.
Johann Sebastian Bach is one of those real musicians. His music is an example of hard work. His incessant quest for perfection and harmony characterizes his music. Among the Great, you can count people like John Lennon, Ray Charles, Duke Ellington , James Brown, Eazy E, Nas-and yes- Eminem, whatever his haters might have to object. (This list of artists I mentioned here, is of course, non exhaustive)
Despite the fact RIP Proof was less known from the public than other famous artists, he had all the qualities that make a real artist.
So what is the definition of a real artist?
A real artist, a plain artist is a person who makes music for the love of it, not for the money only, even if he is perfectly conscious that he has a family to feed. A true artist must be inspirational to the listeners. Whatever his message is, people must be able to feel the music and to acknowledge the feelings expressed through the voice, lyrics and instrumentals.
A true artist usually has high requirements regarding the quality of his beats, instrumentals and recorded voice. Never satisfied with himself, he keeps working hard over the years in order to satisfy his public.
A true artist will always put his passion for the music, the will of sharing it and to satisfy his audience before the material aspect of the show biz.
A true artist definitely manages to generate a genuine enthusiasm among his audience.
While being on stage, he becomes the music. He and the audience are one and that’s the full beauty of the musical fusion created by dedicated artists and a very receptive audience.
When you hear the song, you must be able to feel the artists feelings and to forget about yourself, because during such moments, there is only place left for the music. Yes, this can happen if the artist is a real, dedicated person towards his art.
When you heard a person like James Brown tell their audience: I feel so good I wanna screeeeaaam , you perfectly know that his words werent made up. There is a wonderful chemistry between such artists and the public. Good vibes are in the air and they penetrate into the mesmerized audiences.
Real artists usually stay humble in front of other great artists. Not only do they possess a good musical culture, but they will never mind quoting other legends. I heard James Brown paying homage to Ray Charles, for instance. So did Nas.
I do consider Eminem as a plain artist, because he changed the face of the rap game. He dared to use different themes than the usual themes used in hip hop and proved to be an astute word acrobat, playing with syllables and foolishly putting words together that you would never see side by side in real life. Moreover, his music touched a lot of people from different backgrounds all over the world.
RIP Proof never failed in naming big influences of his like Kurt Cobain, Jerry Garcia and John Lennon numerous times. One can consider D12 s Proof as a rhyming genius too. He had an amazing sense of realness and more importantly, a great passion for hip hop that won t die away since his
murder on April the 11th, 2006.
The Great in the music have the power to influence generations and usually make history. Even their deaths will never erase their contribution to the music history.
Entire artists are the ones who deserve your respect, because you know, deep inside of you, that they are the ones who live and breathe the music for your ears greatest pleasure. Only those guys will live on through their music over the centuries.
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    Have you ever written sumthing about the signifying monkey and/ or the subversive effects of hiphop?
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