What s wrong with the British society?

When I arrived to London, I first looked at the positive sides of the country. Of course, there are many. However, after a few months of residence, I noticed some real weird things about the British society that really need to be pointed out.
First of all, I hate the way young people from the poorer areas like Brixton perceived as the worst criminals.
The youths wearing hoodies are automatically singled out and viewed as drug addicts and violent persons.
It is really stupid to think like rightist Ann Widdecombe that you have more chances to get attacked by young people, hip hop dressed young men than by any other average adult person who will give his preference to more conventional clothes.
Let s use our brains before discriminating against a specific category of people. Logically, there are criminals of all ages and of very different cultural backgrounds in England. Being young and from a poorer area doesn t automatically make a criminal of you.
I also read that one Council intends to forbid a couple to smoke inside of their own living room, based on a neighbor s complaint! How crazy are stories like these? Ask me and I will tell you that the whole affair stinks!
Don t misunderstand me. I am not a smoker. I don t like the smell of tobacco at all and I am in favor of banning cigarettes in public places.
However, forbidding people to smoke in their own house is just plain stupid. What about people s privacy? Aren t you supposed to be free to light a cigarette in your own house?
Some aspects of the British society seriously freak me out.
In most administrations, you are supposed to keep your mouth shut and to conform, even if you strongly disagree. If you start shouting at people, the security will be called immediately and your behavior will be labeled as anti social. Let me tell you what: fuck that. If I need to elevate my voice because I disagree of because my rights are denied, I will. Call me anti social, I don t care about what you think. I refuse to be one of your million of complacent robots. If I have something to say, I’ll say it loud if needed.
Moreover, I am scandalized about MP s telling people that immigration doesn t pay. Excuse me???
It is a well known fact that many immigrants in the UK are currently taking badly paid jobs that British nationals wouldn t even do. Many Polish and other Eastern immigrants do work a sweat for a misery salary.
Should I remind you about the many countries of the Commonwealth England exploited for centuries? You have no right to be dissatisfied with immigration, because immigration makes your economy turn!
Hypocritically, you dare to complain about them sending money in their countries, which are the same countries your ancestors colonized.
I am glad to know that Third World Countries immigrants are sending some money to feed their families, because your government won t help them anyway.
If you don t want new immigrants, don t let them in. It is as simple as that.
Come on, you dare to point out such racist views publicly? Should I remind you that immigrants are precisely the major element that made your country wealthy. Remove all the immigrants and let me see if your country s economy will keep turning!
Snitching is also highly encouraged by the UK government and I loathe it. You receive a specific number to call in your mailbox if you notice anti social behavior in your street or neighborhood. In case you know about a neighbor who is cheating on benefits, you are nicely invited to call the same number.
Hey, wait a minute. How far does this have to go? I am against denunciation. Unless a neighbor is really disturbing my quietness, I see no reason to be nosey about his/ her personal business. If this person is cheating about the benefits, it is really none of my business. It rather consider that this is the government s job to track fraud, not mine.
I really hate the way the government wants us to think that each measure that is taken is in favor of our security. I d rather say that it aims to control us a little bit more every day.
In a modern country such as the UK, individual freedom seems to remain a foreign word. I wish MP s would descend from their pedestal from time to time and be more conscious about the REAL world.
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  1. Well I havent been here for a while, I see that theeminemblog is not that so much anymore. And thats cool.
    And now about the story.
    I read it with my mouth open, how can people be so stupid and do stuff like that? I dont like smoke either but aparently most of the people at my school smoke so i just have to live with it. But banning people to smoke in theire own home??? What has gone in to them people? I think it might be cos the people who do that they have power and that turns them crazy. They think they can do anything with that…

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