The Longest Yard movie review

Rating of the product: 4 stars
Although one could not really define me as an American football fan, I really enjoyed the movie.
Starring in the role of Paul Crewe, Adam Sandler gives us an excellent interpretation of his role. The movie also features rapper Nelly (who acted great too, if you ask me) and our well known D 12 rappers (not Eminem though) in minor roles.
I think that any viewer can learn a lot from the movie that teaches you about life.
Paul Crewe is a former football player who lives the life of a parasite at his girlfriend s home. He feels bored and spends his time watching football matches on Tv, deeply angering his girlfriend who would like him to attend to her parties.
Paul s life suddenly takes a dramatical turn when he starts stealing his girlfriend’s car and locking her up in the closet.
The police is after him and he eventually gets caught. Not even his great sense of humor will prevent him from being incarcerated into one of those awful Southern American jails.
However and despite one of the guardians disapproval, Paul Crewe gets a request from the jail director to become the leader of the inmates football team. But this team has yet to be chosen. Paul manages to make a friend, brilliantly played by Chris Rock. Both men will be building the team that will play against prison guardians in a big, official match.
A lot of efforts and sacrifices are made. Some members of the team rediscover their passion for sport. Before the start of the official match, Paul Crewe will go through a range of challenges and difficult situations, including the tragical death of his best friend.
The movies teaches about the team spirit and the will to win. In the end, the inmates will reach victory against the guardian which also represents a symbolical victories against the gardians atrocities and misbehaviors towards the inmates.
I liked the good dose of humor and the sense of realness that was displayed in the 2005 released movie. I recommend it to all of you, even if you re not a football fan.
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  2. Isa, Eminem actually does feature in TLY, not in person but in voice. He does a freesyle (sounds like it) when the first start practising how to play. have a listen, sounds good 🙂

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