You want a miracle? Be the miracle!

The well known Bruce Almighty movie in which Jim Carrey brilliantly interprets the role of reporter Bruce Nolan raised an important reflection in my mind. There is one sequence in particular that made me think. Do you remember when God is telling Bruce: You want a miracle? Be the miracle!
Like Bruce Nolan, most of us might get through stages of deep discontentment with our lives. It is easier to blame God for each dysfunctional part of our life rather than to question ourselves about doing the right thing or not in order to achieve what we really want.
God is almighty. He can fix our lives in less than five minutes , like an enraged Bruce pointed it out in the movie. That s true. But one has to consider that God never acts without our own initiative. Even if you can only give 2% your efforts of invest very little money, your personal duty has to be accomplished before God comes into play.
Another thing is that you gotta be sincere about your motivations and deeply know what you really want! Only precise prayers receive precise answers.
A person of faith should always remember that little, nevertheless important detail.
Of course, the Lord can do it all without us. But He wants to see your little dose of faith in action, before you can see His hand in your life, dreams and projects.
Don t care about what other people think or say. Just act with faith and you will be the miracle, because that kind of attitude works wonders!
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