Ruthless Rhythms And Beats For Tha Streets mixtape review

Rating 5 stars
Ruthless rhythms and beats will enchant old school gangsta rap lovers. When Dresta and his brother BG Knocc out unite their huge talents to work together, it will give you a high quality mixtape. Welcome to the instrumental world of G- Funk that is highly enjoyable to true hip hop heads.
The mixtape is introduced by a beautiful Eazy E Boyz N The Hood remix that fully enlightens the Compton legend’s huge talent. Let the rhythm guide you into melodic keyboard sounds that will produce the typical Ruthless sound. Step into the world of O.G’s. Eazy’s voice leads you into the hood of Compton and makes you feel the toughness of allday ghetto life in LA. Hood life modeled boys from the Cpt to become hard.
Hit The Chaw is build on background female vocals that reinforce the song’s soft dimension. Funky sounds are combined with Eazy E and BG Knocc Out’s voices. Enjoy the groove and let both emcee transport you into their world.
Had To Get Ya will cut you like a knife. Incisive lyrics combined with a great dose of offensiveness, keyboard sounds, rapid flows, inventive lyrics allow the listener to catch the particular ambiance of the track that is so typical to the streets of LA.
Neighborhood Sniper is rich of rap and reggae sounds mixed up together. Enjoy the catchy beats mixed up with an Eazy E and Yella duo that will remind you of lyrical gunshots. A must hear!
Dat’s How It’s Going Down is built on deep bass and keyboard sounds. BG Knocc Out’s lyrical shine for the listener’s greatest pleasure. Enter into an OG way of life and take your time to appreciate the soft vocals in the background.
Guitar sounds, soft beats and female vocals, Thugs Bones N Harmony and Three 6 Mafia ‘s raspy voices introduce Da Summer.
I highly recommend Eazy E’s Real Motherfucking G’s song to all the true hip hop heads. Real Motherfuking G’s is well known as a Snoop Doog-Dr Dre and Death Row Records’ diss. Beautifully handled lyrically, Eazy E lets his rage explode while soft flute and violin sounds notes soften the song. BG Knocc Out also takes position against those he calls « studio gangstas ». The original video (on a different musical background) to Real Motherfucking G’s is available on You
Don’t sleep on Tha Muthaphuckkin Real Remix which enlightens Eazy E and MC Ren’s talents. Live by the gun, die by the gun is the motto of the song. Nice keyboard sounds and instrumentals underline both artists voices.
Globally, the Ruthless Rhythms and Beats For Tha Streets is intelligently handled. It will take you back to the late 90’s and allow you to enjoy some straight gangsta shit. Download it from here.
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Daz/ Weekend/song review

Rating: 3.75 stars
Westcoast artist Daz will allow you to enjoy a good Westside flavor thanks to his Weekend song that is written in a chill out spirit.
People who live in the hood perfectly know how stressful and tough every day life can be. Why not take time to enjoy the weekend? Why not call some friends to come over and share some blunts with them?
Getting crunk is also a way to escape the sad reality and to relax.
Guitar sounds are intelligently combined with soft flute notes and rhythmic beats. Feel the festive atmosphere. Follow the nice rhythm and dance along.
No time for sorrows, just let your heart rejoice and forget about trouble while Daz’s soft voice gently invites to the party where beautiful girls are welcome (you guessed it right).
Bubbles in a glass of Champaign, partying all day and all night : let yourself go while Daz will transport you into his universe.
Weekend featuring Johnta Austin is available for download on the following website.
You’re in a chill out mood? Check the song, sit back and relax while enjoying the music!
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Musical news from the Detroit scene

I have a few interesting news about the Detroit underground scene that might be worth your attention.
Rufus Johnson, better known as D12’s Bizarre already teamed up with the infamous Fat Killaz member King Gordy. We Are Davidians will raise hell around them and probably please hardcore hip hop fans.
Bizarre and King Gordy’s collaboration is available on Bizarre’s official website.
Ladies and Gentlemen let King Gordy welcome you into his scary world. Enjoy the electric guitar background that will add to the unsafe atmosphere. Fat Killaz’ member King Gordy’s offensive and gritty voice intelligently mixes up with Bizarre’s sick/ hilarious style. Meet villains that are hooked on different drugs.
This 54 seconds snippet is a must hear. I highly recommend it to you.
You haven’t finished hearing about the Fat Killaz! Marv Won decided to unite his talent with I-Mac’s hot member Mr Hash. Both artists formed The Villian and The Ego.
I reviewed Suicide Ride, a track that fully enlightens both artists’ huge talent. Feel free to explore the other tracks exposed on their my space account. No contest true hip hop heads are going to like them.
Red haired Detroit artist Mutha recently released the video to his Strap Up track from the Trashed In Detroit EP album. Watch his incredible video here.
The Detroit underground hip hop scene is always full of effervescence , particularly when real good artists decide to unite their talents and work together. Enjoy them like a quality cup of Champaign!
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N’Trepid, incisive and skilled

Ever heard about an underground emcee called N’Trepid? If not, you should definitely have a look at this artist’s my space account.
Rich of an experience of 1O years of emceeing, the Indiana rapper confidently blesses the mic with his untouchable flow.
N’Trepid has developed a style of his own.
Get Em Up starts in an offensive way: hammering piano and keyboard sounds welcome you to hell. The talented emcee spits fire while the listener is lead into a strange and unsafe atmosphere that is provided by the instrumentals. N’ Trepid cuts you off in no time with his incisive words and manages to enchant his listeners with his good lyrical skills and rapid flow. His raspy voice is of advantage too, because it adds to his offensiveness.
Set It Off is based on softer vocal mixed up with rapid drum beats. N Trepid rips weak emcees in no time. Follow the verbal storm of an emcee who knows how to keep it real. Feel the harshness of the struggle and the passion of an emcee who loves doing his job. N Trepid’s enthusiasm and faith are contagious. Flow and lyrics are lead by the hand of a master.
Indiana Boy introduces to N’Trepid’s environment. Enter a place where you life could end up in no time. Weapons, knives, a constant hustling atmosphere are part of the environment N Trepid and his crew draw in their song. Meet an Indiana Boy who proudly represents his hood.
Don’t Get Mad starts with loud keyboard sounds. It introduces you to the dance flows and will allow you to discover a softer side of the artist who intelligently mixes up a hip hop and R’n’B flavor.
Creative, skilled, original and incisive, N Trepid is an artist who definitely deserves to get discovered. Check him out here.
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T Church/Shine video review

T Church/ Shine video review
Rating: 4 stars
Soft violins notes combined with soft beats introduce T Church’s brand new video. Picture T Church, a true Detroiter and an underground experienced emcee walking through the streets of Detroit. T Church is a man of conviction, of faith and talent.
In his video, T Church describes the hard hustle in the streets. He takes you back to 1998, at a time he first released his demo. T Church can now sit back in his car, smoke a blunt and relax, because through his hard work, a constant determination and his genuine talent, he has accomplished a lot.
He addresses at the haters who would like to prevent his crew from succeeding in achieving their goals: it is a matter of fact you can ‘t stop talent.
T Church’s video is a great encouragement to all the people in the rap game who are still grinding.
Watch his lovely video here.
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The other face of London

When I first arrived to London, I gave you my first impressions about the British Capital that sounded rather positive yet a little bit naive. Today, I will draw you a less friendly and darker picture of London.
Within the few weeks that followed my installation, I started realizing about how much dangerous London actually was.
Not only did the neighbors tell me about the numerous crackhouses that existed in the neighborhood, but also about the people that had been abducted and that disappeared in the middle of the day. Some nasty guys had followed three young girls at a bus stop and stabbed them at their arrival. Also, a young and nice family dad had become the victim of a gang of teenagers and lost his life under tragical circumstances. Yes, dear folks, this is London, a hell of a tough city where life in itself is a constant struggle to survive. London is the theater of a crime scene that surpasses fiction.
There are other negative sides when you live in London City: as much modern and developed as the city might seem to be, some of its places have a middled age structure, like the post office, for instance: when you are in a hurry, it is really unpleasant to notice the way the post office works. You have to queue in order to post an ordinary letter when you don’t have a stamp available. Most of the automatic distributors don ‘t work properly. I admit that i used to complain a lot about the French administration, but the British burocracy is horrible and very badly organized too. There is always a long delay until you get a proper response from an administration.
One of the reasons I moved to England is the French government’s silly policy and its encouragements in favor of a discriminatory policy against young people of foreign origins in the ghetto.
As much as I like America, I never liked George Bush either.
Little did I know about Tony Blair’s way of thinking!
Do you know what Tony Blair is planning to do? He intends to identify yobbish children at a pre-birth stage. Pregnant mothers of “potential troublemakers” will have to accept to be controlled by the British State.
If they don’t, the government will sanction them. How much crazy is that project? How much close is that to Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World “writings? How much discriminatory is that? Discrimination starts when you single out a specific category of people because of their race, their social environment, their religion and make them targets of our modern, well thinking society in which the denial of the right to be differents becomes an unhealthy habit. Non content to fuel hostility against the Muslim community in London, Mr Blair won’t admit his incapacity of solving social exclusion in the British society; Mr Blair feels more comfortable with discriminating against people from the lower social classes.
I am angry with all of them silly politicians who allow themselves the right to play God. Look at yourselves. The terrorists have weakened your so called power already. Stay humble and do your job properly instead of making new victims because of your own weaknesses and incapacities.
While I am sharing those thoughts with you, I am pretty much conscious that the society we live in is made of many imperfections. I wrote about the positive sides of London last time; I also had to expose a more realistic and tougher side of the British Capital.
Life there is nevertheless interesting in London. It resembles the weather: you never know what tomorrow is gonna be like.
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London Underground CD review

DJ Limelight presents: London Underground, a compilation of Uk hip hop underground artists (CD review)

Rating of the product: 3.75 stars
Most of you hip hop lovers probably have quite a good knowledge of the US hip hop scene; however the UK scene might remain veiled to most of you. DJ Limelight, a DJ from London will allow you to discover and explore the London underground scene thanks to his interesting panel of UK hip hop artists.

Wannabe Gangsters starts on a sarcastical note. It raises an essential question: “are you wannabe commercial gangsta rappers for real?” This song is built on balalaïka sounds combined with catchy beats while Archimedes spits his venom wth confidence. Track Nr 2 is indeed aimed at all the prankstas that spoil the rap game by pretending to be somebody they are not. real hip hop will strangle wannabes with no mercy, leaving them in a lyrical blood bath.
Soft guitar sounds gently mix up with rhythmic beats and incisive rhymes, introducing the third track entitled They Swear. Mr Drastick’s nice flow is highly enjoyable. Mr Drastick intentionally targets bigmouthed emcees who pretend “to swear and keep it real”, but whose behavior on the streets doesn’t correspond to what they actually pretend to be. Fakes keep running their mouths, but they don’t run streets where credibility has its full meaning. They Swear is intelligently handled, lyrically and instrumentally.
Soft violins contrasting with rapid beats introduce Ain’t No Issue, making you feel the dramatic dimension of the song;
Mega Red will draw the listener a dark picture of ghetto life: drugs, dramatic situations, a constant run against the clock, sticky and overheated situations…
Guitar sounds, rhythmic drum sounds in the background enlighten Nang Flows: get caught in the middle of an enthusiastic and intensive lyrical storm, feel the passion of hip hop dedicated emcees whose words pour down like heavy rain, fertilizing the universe of rhyming with their widespread imagination. Feel the passion while enjoying Python’s skills.
Don’t sleep on track 7, P Freestyle, an intelligent variation of P-wordplays that beautifully enligten Stylan and Lowkey’s talent. The attentive listeners will fully enjoy the contrasts and oppositions created by the words they spit; words are made to be played with. Stylan and Lowkey are the astute architects who manage to make sense while putting their words together while electric guitar sounds and rapid beats make the listener enjoy the musical word game for his ear’s highest pleasure.
I’d also recommend you track 11, Mindstate, an interesting Archimedes- El Palaz collaborating that exposes our world’s politicians’ big lies. The song ironically features Tony Blair’s bunch of lies. Politicians are professional liars, proof are dramas like 9-11 where Bush plays as much the role of a villain as Ben Laden. A clear mind cannot believe what one sees on the TV and what is written in the newspapers. Powerful men are trying to cheat people and it is up to us to open our eyes widely and to react against such mental manipulations. No contest State Of Mind is a powerful conscience opener.
More Fire: the title summarizes it well. Frantic Frank and Krasfmen will ignite the fire and lead you into a lyrically hot track. Let the words enchant you and enflame your heart and burn with passion until they turn into ashes and resurrect like a phoenix bird. Lyrical bullets coming from our emcees mouths would barely leave hip hop heads indifferents. The melody that goes with the words has some spicy salsa accents. Stand up and dance along to the song.
Also, don’t miss track 16. Piano sounds, keyboards and drums reinforce the atmosphere of beef and struggle. Picture thug life in the hood where the youth is “NWA influenced”. Harsh financial conditions, young people who are stressed out to pay the rent,moms living on benefits, minimum wage that doesn’t allow to get what you want: all this constant frustration can make your life a living nightmare. A hopeless youth is struggling to get out of the dirt.
Other themes that are talked about on the CD are the harshness of life in the ghetto, drugs, love and keeping dreams alive.
Stylah and Lowkey’s Window Shotter song is based on a 50 Cent Window Shopper sample.
Globally, the CD is a good piece of work that will offer the listener a various panel of different artistic styles. Most of them artists did a good instrumental and lyrical effort. Curious to know more about the London underground? Put DJ Limelight’s CD on your player and listen!
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