Musical news from the Detroit scene

I have a few interesting news about the Detroit underground scene that might be worth your attention.
Rufus Johnson, better known as D12’s Bizarre already teamed up with the infamous Fat Killaz member King Gordy. We Are Davidians will raise hell around them and probably please hardcore hip hop fans.
Bizarre and King Gordy’s collaboration is available on Bizarre’s official website.
Ladies and Gentlemen let King Gordy welcome you into his scary world. Enjoy the electric guitar background that will add to the unsafe atmosphere. Fat Killaz’ member King Gordy’s offensive and gritty voice intelligently mixes up with Bizarre’s sick/ hilarious style. Meet villains that are hooked on different drugs.
This 54 seconds snippet is a must hear. I highly recommend it to you.
You haven’t finished hearing about the Fat Killaz! Marv Won decided to unite his talent with I-Mac’s hot member Mr Hash. Both artists formed The Villian and The Ego.
I reviewed Suicide Ride, a track that fully enlightens both artists’ huge talent. Feel free to explore the other tracks exposed on their my space account. No contest true hip hop heads are going to like them.
Red haired Detroit artist Mutha recently released the video to his Strap Up track from the Trashed In Detroit EP album. Watch his incredible video here.
The Detroit underground hip hop scene is always full of effervescence , particularly when real good artists decide to unite their talents and work together. Enjoy them like a quality cup of Champaign!
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