Ruthless Rhythms And Beats For Tha Streets mixtape review

Rating 5 stars
Ruthless rhythms and beats will enchant old school gangsta rap lovers. When Dresta and his brother BG Knocc out unite their huge talents to work together, it will give you a high quality mixtape. Welcome to the instrumental world of G- Funk that is highly enjoyable to true hip hop heads.
The mixtape is introduced by a beautiful Eazy E Boyz N The Hood remix that fully enlightens the Compton legend’s huge talent. Let the rhythm guide you into melodic keyboard sounds that will produce the typical Ruthless sound. Step into the world of O.G’s. Eazy’s voice leads you into the hood of Compton and makes you feel the toughness of allday ghetto life in LA. Hood life modeled boys from the Cpt to become hard.
Hit The Chaw is build on background female vocals that reinforce the song’s soft dimension. Funky sounds are combined with Eazy E and BG Knocc Out’s voices. Enjoy the groove and let both emcee transport you into their world.
Had To Get Ya will cut you like a knife. Incisive lyrics combined with a great dose of offensiveness, keyboard sounds, rapid flows, inventive lyrics allow the listener to catch the particular ambiance of the track that is so typical to the streets of LA.
Neighborhood Sniper is rich of rap and reggae sounds mixed up together. Enjoy the catchy beats mixed up with an Eazy E and Yella duo that will remind you of lyrical gunshots. A must hear!
Dat’s How It’s Going Down is built on deep bass and keyboard sounds. BG Knocc Out’s lyrical shine for the listener’s greatest pleasure. Enter into an OG way of life and take your time to appreciate the soft vocals in the background.
Guitar sounds, soft beats and female vocals, Thugs Bones N Harmony and Three 6 Mafia ‘s raspy voices introduce Da Summer.
I highly recommend Eazy E’s Real Motherfucking G’s song to all the true hip hop heads. Real Motherfuking G’s is well known as a Snoop Doog-Dr Dre and Death Row Records’ diss. Beautifully handled lyrically, Eazy E lets his rage explode while soft flute and violin sounds notes soften the song. BG Knocc Out also takes position against those he calls « studio gangstas ». The original video (on a different musical background) to Real Motherfucking G’s is available on You
Don’t sleep on Tha Muthaphuckkin Real Remix which enlightens Eazy E and MC Ren’s talents. Live by the gun, die by the gun is the motto of the song. Nice keyboard sounds and instrumentals underline both artists voices.
Globally, the Ruthless Rhythms and Beats For Tha Streets is intelligently handled. It will take you back to the late 90’s and allow you to enjoy some straight gangsta shit. Download it from here.
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