The other face of London

When I first arrived to London, I gave you my first impressions about the British Capital that sounded rather positive yet a little bit naive. Today, I will draw you a less friendly and darker picture of London.
Within the few weeks that followed my installation, I started realizing about how much dangerous London actually was.
Not only did the neighbors tell me about the numerous crackhouses that existed in the neighborhood, but also about the people that had been abducted and that disappeared in the middle of the day. Some nasty guys had followed three young girls at a bus stop and stabbed them at their arrival. Also, a young and nice family dad had become the victim of a gang of teenagers and lost his life under tragical circumstances. Yes, dear folks, this is London, a hell of a tough city where life in itself is a constant struggle to survive. London is the theater of a crime scene that surpasses fiction.
There are other negative sides when you live in London City: as much modern and developed as the city might seem to be, some of its places have a middled age structure, like the post office, for instance: when you are in a hurry, it is really unpleasant to notice the way the post office works. You have to queue in order to post an ordinary letter when you don’t have a stamp available. Most of the automatic distributors don ‘t work properly. I admit that i used to complain a lot about the French administration, but the British burocracy is horrible and very badly organized too. There is always a long delay until you get a proper response from an administration.
One of the reasons I moved to England is the French government’s silly policy and its encouragements in favor of a discriminatory policy against young people of foreign origins in the ghetto.
As much as I like America, I never liked George Bush either.
Little did I know about Tony Blair’s way of thinking!
Do you know what Tony Blair is planning to do? He intends to identify yobbish children at a pre-birth stage. Pregnant mothers of “potential troublemakers” will have to accept to be controlled by the British State.
If they don’t, the government will sanction them. How much crazy is that project? How much close is that to Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World “writings? How much discriminatory is that? Discrimination starts when you single out a specific category of people because of their race, their social environment, their religion and make them targets of our modern, well thinking society in which the denial of the right to be differents becomes an unhealthy habit. Non content to fuel hostility against the Muslim community in London, Mr Blair won’t admit his incapacity of solving social exclusion in the British society; Mr Blair feels more comfortable with discriminating against people from the lower social classes.
I am angry with all of them silly politicians who allow themselves the right to play God. Look at yourselves. The terrorists have weakened your so called power already. Stay humble and do your job properly instead of making new victims because of your own weaknesses and incapacities.
While I am sharing those thoughts with you, I am pretty much conscious that the society we live in is made of many imperfections. I wrote about the positive sides of London last time; I also had to expose a more realistic and tougher side of the British Capital.
Life there is nevertheless interesting in London. It resembles the weather: you never know what tomorrow is gonna be like.
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5 thoughts on “The other face of London”

  1. London don’t sound so great…it sounds tough. I wasn’t aware of Tony Blair’s issues either…and no one here likes Bush. No one including the goverment, has the right to play god…no one.
    Please take care of you and the boys..Be Safe…Or better yet…you all could just come to the usa with us…

  2. yea the city is tough…and you gotta be very careful…you cannot trust anybody here. If i could choose, i’d choose the USA, for sure…with no hesitation lol

  3. My first time coming here and I also stopped in Singapore for a while – all I can say is: am loving it – fantastic places indeed!!! Contrasting weather though.
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  4. well, dear Watson, that’s what any tourist would say…of course, Central London has a lot of interesting places to see for the newcomers…but! there is a huge difference between visiting a country and living in a country. Honestly, go live in any London zone, and you’ll tell me how it is…dangerous, full of misbehaving teenagers, daily knife murders, the food is a nightmare, people are often rude and unfriendly and everything is so fucking expensive…I am getting SICK of London.

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