Happy birthday, Eazy E!

If Eazy E didn’t die in 1995, he’d be 43 today. Artists from the Eazy-ECPT.com website united their talents to pay tribute to the Compton legend; Be ready for some good old school gangsta rap, the way we like it.
A review of “We Want Eazy” is coming soon!

6 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Eazy E!”

  1. Eazy E had many kids (and many girlfriends)…unfortunately that cost him his life:( he was very much talented.

  2. if he died of aids why none of the woman who had kids by him have the disease they say you spread it in the window stage he had 8 kids born and 3 woman pregnant at the time of his death none of the woman have it and none of the kids have it now you tell me what did he really die of i say they snuffed him out untill someone can prove why the 11 woman did not have the infection even though it was 11 woman some say it was 12 i don’t even think eazy knew the count i think it was way moore then that his goal was to have 20 kids i mean dam look it up he even had a kid by a woman who lived in nebraska

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