T Church/Shine video review

T Church/ Shine video review
Rating: 4 stars
Soft violins notes combined with soft beats introduce T Church’s brand new video. Picture T Church, a true Detroiter and an underground experienced emcee walking through the streets of Detroit. T Church is a man of conviction, of faith and talent.
In his video, T Church describes the hard hustle in the streets. He takes you back to 1998, at a time he first released his demo. T Church can now sit back in his car, smoke a blunt and relax, because through his hard work, a constant determination and his genuine talent, he has accomplished a lot.
He addresses at the haters who would like to prevent his crew from succeeding in achieving their goals: it is a matter of fact you can ‘t stop talent.
T Church’s video is a great encouragement to all the people in the rap game who are still grinding.
Watch his lovely video here.
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5 thoughts on “T Church/Shine video review”

  1. Yes, he actually has some. I have also reviewed some of his older songs. The dude is skilled.
    Donna, i am pissed. My son just broke my universal travel adapter…i had a connexion for once, but i don t know how long my battery will last:(

  2. T.Church aka TC the Money is one of my favorite artist from the crib. That “We out Here” album is still in my car cd player right know. Don’t sleep on this guy. Peace to his boy Tez, from Inkster!!! Peace to Top of The Line Entertainment.

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