N’Trepid, incisive and skilled

Ever heard about an underground emcee called N’Trepid? If not, you should definitely have a look at this artist’s my space account.
Rich of an experience of 1O years of emceeing, the Indiana rapper confidently blesses the mic with his untouchable flow.
N’Trepid has developed a style of his own.
Get Em Up starts in an offensive way: hammering piano and keyboard sounds welcome you to hell. The talented emcee spits fire while the listener is lead into a strange and unsafe atmosphere that is provided by the instrumentals. N’ Trepid cuts you off in no time with his incisive words and manages to enchant his listeners with his good lyrical skills and rapid flow. His raspy voice is of advantage too, because it adds to his offensiveness.
Set It Off is based on softer vocal mixed up with rapid drum beats. N Trepid rips weak emcees in no time. Follow the verbal storm of an emcee who knows how to keep it real. Feel the harshness of the struggle and the passion of an emcee who loves doing his job. N Trepid’s enthusiasm and faith are contagious. Flow and lyrics are lead by the hand of a master.
Indiana Boy introduces to N’Trepid’s environment. Enter a place where you life could end up in no time. Weapons, knives, a constant hustling atmosphere are part of the environment N Trepid and his crew draw in their song. Meet an Indiana Boy who proudly represents his hood.
Don’t Get Mad starts with loud keyboard sounds. It introduces you to the dance flows and will allow you to discover a softer side of the artist who intelligently mixes up a hip hop and R’n’B flavor.
Creative, skilled, original and incisive, N Trepid is an artist who definitely deserves to get discovered. Check him out here.
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