Daz/ Weekend/song review

Rating: 3.75 stars
Westcoast artist Daz will allow you to enjoy a good Westside flavor thanks to his Weekend song that is written in a chill out spirit.
People who live in the hood perfectly know how stressful and tough every day life can be. Why not take time to enjoy the weekend? Why not call some friends to come over and share some blunts with them?
Getting crunk is also a way to escape the sad reality and to relax.
Guitar sounds are intelligently combined with soft flute notes and rhythmic beats. Feel the festive atmosphere. Follow the nice rhythm and dance along.
No time for sorrows, just let your heart rejoice and forget about trouble while Daz’s soft voice gently invites to the party where beautiful girls are welcome (you guessed it right).
Bubbles in a glass of Champaign, partying all day and all night : let yourself go while Daz will transport you into his universe.
Weekend featuring Johnta Austin is available for download on the following website.
You’re in a chill out mood? Check the song, sit back and relax while enjoying the music!
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