I’ll introduce you to a fantastic person very soon….

He’s from Pontiac, Michigan. No, this is not a rapper. Kasey Jay is a gifted urban clothing designer. He draws and makes all of his clothing material. Soon you will be able to know more about my friend Kasey Jay. You will also be able to peep and to buy his stuff online if interested…stay tuned, folks:)

Detroit group P.H.E.A.R, a positive note in hip hop

Let me introduce you into Positive hip hop escaping reality: a Detroit group named P.H.E.A.R
Da Phear is a rap group from the 313. Composed of two members, Phenom aka Micah Richardson and Entense aka Kevin Adams, the group is determined to bring a positive note to their raps that are mixed up with a very soft soul, funk and R’n’B style. First working with ABB Records, both Runyon Ave soldiers are one of Mr Porter’s discoveries and have now joined Runyon Ave Records. They have collaborated to the Runyon Ave mixtape volume I.
Phenom is a man of many hats: rapper, actor, producer and writer, the young emcee combines his talent with his former school friend and fellow emcee Entense who is also a writer and a producer.
Who has influenced Phear most?
To quote the rappers themselves: « Anybody from Motown ».
Phear’s my space page will give you an opportunity to discover several of their tracks. Among the four tracks available, I particularly recommend Knock Knock Knock, a rhythmic, entertaining and lyrically mastered track. Not only does Knock Knock Knock start in a funny way, giving you the impression that somebody is actually knocking at your door, the song is also beautiful lyrical work. Drums mixed up with both emcees voices and keyboard sounds give this song a very enjoyable dimension. Nod your head to the track and follow Phenom and Entense’s nice flow.
More info about Da Phear can be found here as well as on Runyon Ave dot com.
Check them out!

What the “fack”, Marshall?

I have just finished listening to two new Eminem songs from Curtain Call that have been leaked on the net and I am afraid I will have to write a very critical article about both songs and the intro to Eminem’s Best Of. To those who would be tempted to get mad at me: no, I am not hating on Eminem! This is something I will never do. However, like I expressed it before, being a huge fan of his doesn’t mean that I have to be what some of you call -without any elegance- a « dickrider » .
I have always allowed myself a part of criticism towards Eminem’s music when I wasn’t satisfied with some of his tracks. Although this barely happens to me, I have been really disappointed by songs like Ass Like That and Marshall’s most recent songs are much more of a great disappointment, as far as I am concerned.
Fans who have followed Eminem since the beginning will probably understand what I am talking about. When you have tasted songs like Infinite or The Way I Am, you have the right to be disguted when songs like « Fack » and « Shake That » meet your ears with their weak ass beats and poor lyrics. I’m sorry, Marshall, this isn’t really what I expected from a brilliant artist like you!
A man who is capable of writing moving songs with good lyrics like When I’m Gone is also able to offer something else than some stupid « Shake That Ass » party rap.
The most disgusting is the introduction to Curtain Call. I am slowly getting tired of Eminem’s puerile eructation and other childish crap in a My First Single style, because this doesn’t correspond to the real him. Who does he want to please with such demonstrations? 10 year old fans who have no idea about what hip hop is? Honestly, are you trying to scare real hip hop fans away, Marshall?
Fack is one of those horrible weak ass songs that have tortured my ears for a few minutes. I couldn’t believe that Eminem’s music was taking that puerile direction!
The chorus starts with a melody that is intentioned to be entertaining accompanied by Eminem’s very childish voice saying :
ouch ouch……ouch ouch
(oh god damn)
im gonna fucking cum
(ohhh shit) (moans)
fack fack fa–ack
(fack i am)
i am….im going to cum… »

You can hear some claps in the background. Lyrically and instrumentally: a disaster! The jerking off song is pitiful- and not funny at all.
I usually happen to enjoy Eminem’s collaborations with Nate Dogg. Never Enough from the Encore album was well handled. Unfortunately, Shake That is another musical disaster. Why? First, because Eminem doesn’t fit into the party rapper role- at all. Second, the lyrics and the instrumentals are weak and not really worth the listener’s interest.
What the “fack”, Marshall? If your music is taking this specific direction, then I think we have a problem. As the huge fan I actually am, I have always enjoyed your instrumentals, beats, flow and above all, the brilliant lyrics you wrote. I have always admired the lyrical genius you actually are. I have loved the humor and your darker side expressed in your music.
However, I really hate it when you feel the need to act like a clown in order to please a younger audience. Any average rapper could have beaten the weak ass songs you just produced.
Marshall, I will always respect you, because nobody else was as inspirational as you in my life. You music has brought so many positive elements and that’s why I intend to always support you.
If you feel like you need a good break, please take it. But when you will make some new songs next time, please consider that your fans deserve better than Fack and Shake That.

Ever heard of P.H.E.A.R?

P.H.E.A.R (Positive HIPHOP Escaping All Reality) is a Detroit rap group that has been signed recently to Mr Porter’s Runyon Ave Records label…Phear will be featured on the Eminem blog next…stay tuned:)

Solystic: so much talented and still unsigned?

Solystic is a hot Detroit underground rapper, as some of my regular readers would probably know.
Some of you also might have wondered- after listening to some of his songs- why a talented young man such as Solystic wasn’t signed to a major label yet…
Never mind. Solystic will throw his bomb soon: the talented artist is working on his new CD that is due to release soon. Expect some explosive stuff.
His flow is unstoppable, as he expressed it in his song Can’t Stop Me.
Can’t Stop Me will give you listeners a foretaste of his incredible wordplays and of Solystic’s untouchable flow.
Electric guitar sounds will welcome your ears and introduce the song. In the background, piano notes will make you feel the struggling atmosphere of the song. Original, spicy and skilled, Solystic is poking fun at hateful people who spend their time criticizing him and who end up asking him for an autograph.
Enjoy the rap addict’s speedy flow and beautiful punch lines. Like a tornado, Solystic takes you by surprise.
You gotta love the humor Solystic puts into his lines. Here is a precise example of what he can do:
« -you sound like the blonde haired guy…
-the only difference is that I’m « Biggie sized ».
You can stop him. Expect an original, explosive and styled CD soon.
Listen to Can’t Stop Me here.

Dear readers…

Don’t be surprised if I don’t post anything for a little while. I have caught an eye allergy. I had a treatment that was supposed to cure me, but the ointment caused a major irritation into my right eye. I will be seeing my doctor this afternoon.
I will keep posting as soon as my eyes will be better…thanks for understanding:)

Hauztile, a new offensive style that is worthwhile

Coming straight outta LA, Richard Ramirez aka the Nightstalker aka Hauztile has been rapping for nearly 4 years. Since he was 16 years old, the young man started gathering the thoughts that were wandering through his mind and put words into poetry. Never afraid to tell things the way they are, Hauztile put his rage and his feelings into his raw and wicked rhymes.
Never afraid to speak his mind, Hauztile calls things the way they are.
Hauztile fights against injustice, discrimination and recalls the harsh living conditions in LA. Politically engaged against G W Bush’s policy, Hauztile expresses his rage against the American government.
Richard Ramirez belongs to the elite rappers who have some real hip hop to offer to their public. In 2002, Hauztile started recording his first demo, « The Hauztile MC ». Despite the fact he had constantly worked on improving his demo, Hauztile had to fight the opposition of many labels who either tried to stereotype him as an Hispanic rapper or who rejected the hardcore and harsh dimension of his lyrics.
Whether you like it or not, Hauztile doesn’t compromise his style to please anybody. In 2004, Hauztile started the « Hate 4 All Of U » project that was followed by « Activate The Hate ».
Hate 4 All songs are available on the following website.
One year later, Hauztile released his « Hauztile Takeover » mixtape.
One should not be afraid of the offensiveness of Hauztile’s lyrics, nor should people stereotype them as some « hateful speech ».
Hauztile is very honest in speaking his mind . His words come straight from his heart. Hauztile is for real:
« FUCK the fake and the weak in the rap game, FUCK the corrupt, and the cowardly in the world, Aint no one safe. Im’a speak truth!!! »
How does Hauztile’s music sound?
Hauztile uses his great competence as a lyrical emcee to express about the numerous LA ghetto dramas, racial discrimination, politics. Hauztile is never afraid to lyrically assault his enemies.
Among the four songs available on his my space page, Drama In LA is really worth your interest. It teaches you ghetto life in LA with an amazing sense of reality.
Step into the LA hood through Hauztile’s music. Hard hammering sounds, drums, violins, keyboards introduce you into Hauztile’s deadly universe where survival is a constant challenge. Discrimination and stereotypes belong to the landscape. When you’re from LA, people automatically assume you’re from a gang. When you’re of Latin origins, you get discriminated again.
There is no peace, no justice in a world of racial discrimination encouraged by Mr Bush. Richard Ramirez has the courage to speak against Bush’s policy and he raises hell through his incisive words.
The skilled rapper also did a real beautiful lyrical effort on his song Ready that expressed all the pain and the harshness of ghetto life. « When bad things happen, it is like the devil smiles
When good things happen, I wait for the worst  and write what happens in my new verse» perfectly summarize Hauztile’s all day life. Against, the talented artist dares to get offensive and political. No need to be patriotic in a country that encourages the rich to get richer while poor people are constantly affected by misery. A misery that Bush’s government is trying to hide. Yea, fuck the flag waiving patriots when your own life is a living hell.
If it is true that some people have probably forgotten about , the hip hop movement is here to remind them that America and many other countries have created so many inequalities. The « second class citizens » our governments created will never accept it as a matter of fact and the musicians’ words will reveal the injustice and spread through the media.
Hauztile belongs to the very valuable emcees who dare to utter our society’s diseases. Whether he uses some Master Ace or some Tupac samples or his own instrumentals, Hauztile’s credible discourse expresses the truth. Hauztile has a true and authentic style.
Discover some other of his very valuable songs on his sound click page.
Hauztile is an amazing freestyler and poet. Be so curious and check him out: he won’t disappoint you.

T Church, The Money Maker, a tight artist who fully represents the Detroit ghetto

Detroiters also call him « The Chosen One ». I discovered T Church several months ago. Like Detroit group I-Mac, T Church is one of those rappers who rep their hometown with pride and an amazing sense of reality. You like it raw? Then T Church’s music is exactly what you need.
T Church has released a hot CD recently that is entitled « We Out There ». You will be able to order it on his official website.
Rapid piano sounds and violins introduce you to In Detroit City, T Church’s ode to the Murder Capital. Terrence’s raspy voice combined with nice instrumentals will make you feel what Detroit is all about. Never does the artist avoid the ugly and scary elements. Pimping, murders, dirty money deals, gunshots are part of Detroit City’s landscape.
When you live in the Detroit hood, survival is a constant struggle.
Take a look at T Church’s Detroit City song. It fully represents « Cutthroat City ».
Among the interesting panel of various songs, I highly recommend Terrence’s All My Niggas hood anthem, because it teaches you what the Detroit ghetto is all about: realness and loyalty in harsh environment.
Also We Out There will gently remind you not to mess with T Church’s crew. Watch your back: T Church’s soldiers are everywhere.
Growing up at 7 Mile Road in an environment made of violence and drug deals, Terrence always had the willpower to succeed.
T Church, who has been working for radio and TV in Detroit has a quite impressing professional experience.
Good instrumentals, good beats, a rapid flow, well handled lyrics and a raspy voice make T Church very much enjoyable on the Detroit scene.
If your appetite increased while listening to The Chosen One on his sound click page, you can also check the following website where some other T Church songs are available for download.
Not only does T Church want to make some money, his main goal is also to please your ears with some good hood music. More info about T Church can be found on his official website.