Hauztile, a new offensive style that is worthwhile

Coming straight outta LA, Richard Ramirez aka the Nightstalker aka Hauztile has been rapping for nearly 4 years. Since he was 16 years old, the young man started gathering the thoughts that were wandering through his mind and put words into poetry. Never afraid to tell things the way they are, Hauztile put his rage and his feelings into his raw and wicked rhymes.
Never afraid to speak his mind, Hauztile calls things the way they are.
Hauztile fights against injustice, discrimination and recalls the harsh living conditions in LA. Politically engaged against G W Bush’s policy, Hauztile expresses his rage against the American government.
Richard Ramirez belongs to the elite rappers who have some real hip hop to offer to their public. In 2002, Hauztile started recording his first demo, « The Hauztile MC ». Despite the fact he had constantly worked on improving his demo, Hauztile had to fight the opposition of many labels who either tried to stereotype him as an Hispanic rapper or who rejected the hardcore and harsh dimension of his lyrics.
Whether you like it or not, Hauztile doesn’t compromise his style to please anybody. In 2004, Hauztile started the « Hate 4 All Of U » project that was followed by « Activate The Hate ».
Hate 4 All songs are available on the following website.
One year later, Hauztile released his « Hauztile Takeover » mixtape.
One should not be afraid of the offensiveness of Hauztile’s lyrics, nor should people stereotype them as some « hateful speech ».
Hauztile is very honest in speaking his mind . His words come straight from his heart. Hauztile is for real:
« FUCK the fake and the weak in the rap game, FUCK the corrupt, and the cowardly in the world, Aint no one safe. Im’a speak truth!!! »
How does Hauztile’s music sound?
Hauztile uses his great competence as a lyrical emcee to express about the numerous LA ghetto dramas, racial discrimination, politics. Hauztile is never afraid to lyrically assault his enemies.
Among the four songs available on his my space page, Drama In LA is really worth your interest. It teaches you ghetto life in LA with an amazing sense of reality.
Step into the LA hood through Hauztile’s music. Hard hammering sounds, drums, violins, keyboards introduce you into Hauztile’s deadly universe where survival is a constant challenge. Discrimination and stereotypes belong to the landscape. When you’re from LA, people automatically assume you’re from a gang. When you’re of Latin origins, you get discriminated again.
There is no peace, no justice in a world of racial discrimination encouraged by Mr Bush. Richard Ramirez has the courage to speak against Bush’s policy and he raises hell through his incisive words.
The skilled rapper also did a real beautiful lyrical effort on his song Ready that expressed all the pain and the harshness of ghetto life. « When bad things happen, it is like the devil smiles
When good things happen, I wait for the worst  and write what happens in my new verse» perfectly summarize Hauztile’s all day life. Against, the talented artist dares to get offensive and political. No need to be patriotic in a country that encourages the rich to get richer while poor people are constantly affected by misery. A misery that Bush’s government is trying to hide. Yea, fuck the flag waiving patriots when your own life is a living hell.
If it is true that some people have probably forgotten about , the hip hop movement is here to remind them that America and many other countries have created so many inequalities. The « second class citizens » our governments created will never accept it as a matter of fact and the musicians’ words will reveal the injustice and spread through the media.
Hauztile belongs to the very valuable emcees who dare to utter our society’s diseases. Whether he uses some Master Ace or some Tupac samples or his own instrumentals, Hauztile’s credible discourse expresses the truth. Hauztile has a true and authentic style.
Discover some other of his very valuable songs on his sound click page.
Hauztile is an amazing freestyler and poet. Be so curious and check him out: he won’t disappoint you.

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