T Church, The Money Maker, a tight artist who fully represents the Detroit ghetto

Detroiters also call him « The Chosen One ». I discovered T Church several months ago. Like Detroit group I-Mac, T Church is one of those rappers who rep their hometown with pride and an amazing sense of reality. You like it raw? Then T Church’s music is exactly what you need.
T Church has released a hot CD recently that is entitled « We Out There ». You will be able to order it on his official website.
Rapid piano sounds and violins introduce you to In Detroit City, T Church’s ode to the Murder Capital. Terrence’s raspy voice combined with nice instrumentals will make you feel what Detroit is all about. Never does the artist avoid the ugly and scary elements. Pimping, murders, dirty money deals, gunshots are part of Detroit City’s landscape.
When you live in the Detroit hood, survival is a constant struggle.
Take a look at T Church’s Detroit City song. It fully represents « Cutthroat City ».
Among the interesting panel of various songs, I highly recommend Terrence’s All My Niggas hood anthem, because it teaches you what the Detroit ghetto is all about: realness and loyalty in harsh environment.
Also We Out There will gently remind you not to mess with T Church’s crew. Watch your back: T Church’s soldiers are everywhere.
Growing up at 7 Mile Road in an environment made of violence and drug deals, Terrence always had the willpower to succeed.
T Church, who has been working for radio and TV in Detroit has a quite impressing professional experience.
Good instrumentals, good beats, a rapid flow, well handled lyrics and a raspy voice make T Church very much enjoyable on the Detroit scene.
If your appetite increased while listening to The Chosen One on his sound click page, you can also check the following website where some other T Church songs are available for download.
Not only does T Church want to make some money, his main goal is also to please your ears with some good hood music. More info about T Church can be found on his official website.