Detroit group P.H.E.A.R, a positive note in hip hop

Let me introduce you into Positive hip hop escaping reality: a Detroit group named P.H.E.A.R
Da Phear is a rap group from the 313. Composed of two members, Phenom aka Micah Richardson and Entense aka Kevin Adams, the group is determined to bring a positive note to their raps that are mixed up with a very soft soul, funk and R’n’B style. First working with ABB Records, both Runyon Ave soldiers are one of Mr Porter’s discoveries and have now joined Runyon Ave Records. They have collaborated to the Runyon Ave mixtape volume I.
Phenom is a man of many hats: rapper, actor, producer and writer, the young emcee combines his talent with his former school friend and fellow emcee Entense who is also a writer and a producer.
Who has influenced Phear most?
To quote the rappers themselves: « Anybody from Motown ».
Phear’s my space page will give you an opportunity to discover several of their tracks. Among the four tracks available, I particularly recommend Knock Knock Knock, a rhythmic, entertaining and lyrically mastered track. Not only does Knock Knock Knock start in a funny way, giving you the impression that somebody is actually knocking at your door, the song is also beautiful lyrical work. Drums mixed up with both emcees voices and keyboard sounds give this song a very enjoyable dimension. Nod your head to the track and follow Phenom and Entense’s nice flow.
More info about Da Phear can be found here as well as on Runyon Ave dot com.
Check them out!