Solystic: so much talented and still unsigned?

Solystic is a hot Detroit underground rapper, as some of my regular readers would probably know.
Some of you also might have wondered- after listening to some of his songs- why a talented young man such as Solystic wasn’t signed to a major label yet…
Never mind. Solystic will throw his bomb soon: the talented artist is working on his new CD that is due to release soon. Expect some explosive stuff.
His flow is unstoppable, as he expressed it in his song Can’t Stop Me.
Can’t Stop Me will give you listeners a foretaste of his incredible wordplays and of Solystic’s untouchable flow.
Electric guitar sounds will welcome your ears and introduce the song. In the background, piano notes will make you feel the struggling atmosphere of the song. Original, spicy and skilled, Solystic is poking fun at hateful people who spend their time criticizing him and who end up asking him for an autograph.
Enjoy the rap addict’s speedy flow and beautiful punch lines. Like a tornado, Solystic takes you by surprise.
You gotta love the humor Solystic puts into his lines. Here is a precise example of what he can do:
« -you sound like the blonde haired guy…
-the only difference is that I’m « Biggie sized ».
You can stop him. Expect an original, explosive and styled CD soon.
Listen to Can’t Stop Me here.