Dear readers…

Don’t be surprised if I don’t post anything for a little while. I have caught an eye allergy. I had a treatment that was supposed to cure me, but the ointment caused a major irritation into my right eye. I will be seeing my doctor this afternoon.
I will keep posting as soon as my eyes will be better…thanks for understanding:)

6 thoughts on “Dear readers…”

  1. Sorry to hear about your eye problem. It must be frustrating to have an eye irritation. I wish you all my best during the healing process. You’ll be in my prayers dahling Isa.
    All my love,

  2. Thanks to you both for your lovely and caring comments…hopefully evth’s gonna be allright within a few days…it is indeed very frustrating not to be able to write!

  3. Thanks, Cyn:)
    My eyes are not healed yet, i have a 14 days treatment, hope they are gonna be allright soon..

  4. sorry. ive been away for the week and i didnt get in to internet. so now i know about this.
    ive never had eye problems but sometimes it huts and i dont like it.
    having an operation… i dont know
    i sure it hurts and im not afraid to say im scared, especially of pain.
    im so sorry.
    for some weard reasons i act as if ive known u for a very long time.
    sadly in english ”im so sorry” doesnt sound sorry innough.
    Que mal!…. but not in spanish either.
    jubedalt kahju. vaesekene.
    noone understands but i dont care.
    im somehow changed more agressive.
    maybe because of eminem and the rest of rap.
    ok ill stop now im talking nonsense.
    im sorry!! 🙁

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