When I’m Gone/ Eminem/ song review

Rating: 3.75 stars
I discovered Eminem’s most recent song thanks to a fellow fan from my French Eminem forum. In fact, this is a radio edit of Marshall’s exclusive song.
You all know how much I am into Eminem and I’d like to share my feelings and impressions with my readers straight away.
While listening to the lyrics of the song, sadness overwhelmed my soul and I kept asking myself: « What is wrong with you, Marshall Mathers? Is it so hard for you to say good bye to your fans or is there something else you want to tell us all? »
The song is gently introduced by light bell sounds and followed by numerous violins which make the listener feel how much the pain is deep and how much Marshall speaks from his heart.
Marshall’s mind is troubled right now and his most recent song made me feel sad and uncomfortable. Yes, he let his emotions out of his chest. Moreover, he made his public feel there was something wrong with him.
For the first time, Eminem has a broken voice on a track which reflects his broken heart. What is happening to Marshall right now? I think I have an answer for my readers.
Marshall feels like it is time the curtain of his public show closed for good. Not that he doesn’t love his fans, but Marshall re-questions his choices and priorities.
Eminem recalls all the good times and the drama that happened in his love life.
As the good family man he is, Marshall is very conscious that he sometimes makes his daughter suffer through his absence. His lack of time and Kim’s whereabouts sometimes make Hailie’s life a real nightmare. When the little girl is looking for her parents, she is unable to find any of them. People who have followed Kim’s story know that she went AWOL, spent some time in rehab and in jail because of her cocaine addiction problems. Hailie was left with no answer during her absence. Her loving dad, her emotional support was always on the move, whether he was touring or promoting his album.
The refrain is like tears falling from Eminem’s heart. Marshall is conscious of his daughter’s pain and it literally breaks his heart:
« …And when I’m gone, just carry on… don’t mourn.
Rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice,
Just know that I’m looking down on you smiling,
And I ain’t gon’ feel a thing, So baby don’t feel no pain.
Just smile back…
…And when I’m gone, just carry on… don’t mourn.
Rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice,
Just know that I’m looking down on you smiling,
And I ain’t gon’ feel a thing, So baby don’t feel no pain.
Just smile back… »
His fans ought to know that deep inside of him, Marshall lives a real drama. He is heartbroken, inconsolable, helpless.
His daughter, the sunlight in his life, doesn’t want him to go on touring. Eminem’s insecurities and feelings of guiltiness follow him into his dreams and turn into a nightmare:
« I keep having this dream, I’m pushing Hailie on the swings
She keeps screaming, she don’t want me to sing.
You’re making mommy cry. Why ? Why is mommy crying,
Baby, daddy ain’t leaving no more – daddy you’re lying.
You always say that, You always say this is the last time,
But you ain’t leaving no more, Daddy you are mine.
She’s piling boxes in front of the door trying to block it
Daddy please, daddy don’t leave, daddy, no stop it. »
Back to reality, the inside drama goes on. Hailie pulls a little picture for her dad out of her pocket. While being on stage, the pain increases with intensity. Marshall can hear the voice of his conscience telling him:
“You have got one more chance to do right, and it’s tonight
Now go out there and show that you love them before it’s too late.”
And just as I go to walk out my bedroom door
It’s turns to a stage, they’re gone and this spotlight is on
And I’m singing… »
On stage, the crowd acclaims Marshall in a very loud scream.
While the fans are throwing roses at his feet, Marshall can hear the voice of his daughter telling him:
“Daddy it’s me, help mommy her wrists are bleeding!”
But baby we’re in Sweden, how did you get to Sweden ?
I followed you daddy, you told me that you weren’t leaving.
You lied to me dad, and now you make mommy sad
And I bought you this coin, it says “Number One Dad”.
Eminem makes some reference to the drama that happened in 2001. Kim made a suicide attempt, trying to slit her wrists. Maybe the fear of another drama is still present. The past backfires hard into Marshall’s head and pumps loud like heartbeats.
Hailie’s voice is there, once again, in form of reproaches:
– It’s too late dad, you made the choice
Now go up there and show them that you love them more than us.
That’s what they want, they want you Marshall, they keep screaming your name
It’s no wonder you can’t go to sleep… Just take another pill…
Yea, I bet you you will. You rap about it… Yea, Word, Keep it real. »
Hailie feels like his dad loves his fans more than his own family. Marshall feels like his mind is split between his love for his family, his passion for the music and the feeling of owing his shows to his fans. He also makes some clear references to his sleep medication addiction.
Eminem is a brilliant performer who is loved for what he does. I will never forget when I first saw him on stage in 2003 at the Paris Bercy show and I’d like him to know that this unforgettable event is one of the most beautiful moments he offered me through his music and great performance. I will keep the magic of his show in my heart as long as I live.
I am asking myself if Eminem is feeling guilty of being absent so often or if he also puts a burden of guilt on his fans shoulders. Eminem ought to know that true fans will always be very understanding towards his situation and the way he feels.
It seems very clear that Eminem’s heart is bleeding right now. The fans need to understand that Marshall is tired, that he has some issues to solve and that he really needs to take a break.
Marshall has visions of nightmares into his mind while the curtain closes and he says goodbye to the crowd:
« I hear applause, all this time I couldn’t see
How could it be, That the curtain is closing on me.
I turn around, find a gun on the ground
Put it to my brain and scream “Die Shady!” and PUMP IT.
[…]My life flashes, the plane what I was supposed to be on crashes and burns to ashes… »
He suddenly wakes up from his horrible nightmare when he’s back home:
« That’s when I wake up, A long hot spring and there’s birds singing
It’s brilliant, Hailie’s outside swinging, I walk up to Kim and kiss her.
Tell her I miss her, Hailie just smiles and winks at her little sister.
Almost as if to say… »
Marshall, you filled my eyes with tears with your brand new song. I feel that too many problems are unsolved and do hurt inside of your family. Take the time needed to heal your heart. We love to see you performing, but your loyal fans don’t want you to pay the highest price just to please our eyes and ears.
Eminem is telling us that he is not only physically exhausted, but also mentally. Let him close the curtain if he feels it is time to do so. A little girl has been deprived of her father for numerous years. Life is precious and Marshall needs to spend some time with his beloved ones.
Touching but very sad song that allowed us to penetrate into Marshall’s bleeding heart and gave us some insight about how he really feels right now.

Let me introduce you into Vietnamese hip hop

While searching for some former Eminem underground songs, I found a young emcee from Vietnam who goes by the nickname eminemtxnc aka Hai Troc.
This time, my task won’t be simple at all, because even the young emcee’s resume is in Vietnamese language. So don’t expect me to define the lyrics. However, I think that I am able portray Hai Troc through his flow, his instrumentals and beats and also through the colorful impressions his music left on my mind.
Hai Troc is a hardcore hip hop artist.
How does Hai Troc sound?
The 27 songs exposed on his sound click account are taken from his Bitter Chocolate album.
His music is very different from what you could expect from some African American or from white emcees. Some of his tracks make me think about some funny theater play. Hai Troc’s voice introduces you to a very colorful universe that is enlightened by an original instrumentation.
Hai Troc combines a nice flow delivery with some dark and original sounds. The young emcee uses various instruments from piano, violins double bass (etc) to keyboards. His speech is confident and sounds offensive.
Sometimes, Hai Troc uses samples like in the song dedicated to his girlfriend that has Nelly’s Dilemma background.
Hai Troc, who has probably also found some inspiration in Eminem’s music, has some interesting tracks to offer to his listeners.
He’d certainly raise more interest among them if he took a little bit time to translate his page into English.
Discover Hai Troc here.

Is France turning into a dictatorial state?

I feel less and less well in a country that seems to be lead by some very manipulative politicians whose methods are very close to dictatorial techniques.
If I dared to express my full disgust of the Bush administration, I certainly won’t fear expressing my rage against incompetent French politicians who slowly lead our country into a real disaster. It looks like the concept of freedom only exists on paper and is no longer a reality in France.
Brainwashed through the French media
Human rights are constantly denied and it looks like religious communities are no longer respected under the devilish disguise of so called « republican principles ». I discovered- by coincidence- on a cultural channel called « Planete » a kind of report about cultural differences at school. The principal’s statements that one could easily qualify as anti Semitic and anti Islamic statements were orientated in order to manipulate the viewer’s opinion. I have known people from both religious backgrounds, Jews and Muslims, but not any Frenchman has a good knowledge of both religions. Anything different is often viewed as a menace. However, when people allow broadcastings where a high school principal allows herself to state that Israel’s culture is « only a war- culture » and that people who want to follow the commandments of the Islamic religion are all fanatics, I think that somebody is trying to brainwash the public’s opinion.
Drama at Clichy Sous Bois and French riots
The reality is even scarier: the recent dramatic happenings in Clichy Sous Bois, near Paris, on October the 27th prove how much the French government is two faced and incompetent to solve people’s problems.
Two teenagers, Banou (15) and Ziad (17) died in an horrible way while a third teenager (who fortunately survived) was severely injured. Obviously, and contrary to the French government’s statements, the three young men were electrified while trying to escape from the police.
Several days afterwards as the police was trying to fight street rioters who set cars and schools into fire as a form of protest.
Another form of disrespect of the French Muslim community is the tear gas canister that landed into a mosque during the Friday afternoon prayers.
A war has started between ghetto people and the police. The government has left some deep scars with its provocative attitudes and its incompetence to solve neighborhood problems. The great majority of those ghetto inhabitants are African Muslims and Arab and come from very low income families.
To those who doubt that the police might have been implicated in this sad affair, let me tell you how a policeman treated my eldest 15 year old son (who is bi racial) last July. My son was chilling with two friends downtown and the policeman told him that he had « an ugly face » and that he’d like to kick his ass! Translation for those who still don’t understand: « you don’t have the right color and if you were alone, I’d beat you to death… ».
This is a shame. This is how the French police treats an innocent young man and this is nothing compared to what happens in our ghettos.
The police’s power has been empowered and racial discrimination has become a way of life. You don’t have a white face? Then shit could possibly happen between you and the fucking cops.
It is quite a shame when a person like Nicolas Sarkozy dares to call young people who live in the ghetto « scums ».
Even when young people cause trouble in their neighborhood, it is often due to the harsh living conditions. Give them a decent job, treat them as human beings, help them to get out of their misery instead of complaining about their way of life.
It is not really good to be jobless in France right now…you might get into trouble…
Unemployed? Take the burden of your guilt
Non content to encourage racism, our fucking stupid government put up some new employment measures in order to blame jobless people. When you’re jobless, you are automatically categorized as « not motivated » and « lazy » in France. That’s the new shit. So what are the new governmental measures about jobs?
After being unemployed for two or three months, the employment agency gently asks you to take any 26 hours minimum wage job (regardless of your diplomas and of your resume)…you will have a « misery contract » for two years, a contract that is very favorable to your employer (of course!). During this contract , they delegate some kind of supervisor who is supposed to train you for the so called misery job. With your salary, you will have more expenses and you are supposed to live nearly with the same amount as if you were on welfare. Wow! That’s so great!!! It is just another trick to maintain poverty in France…The name of those innovative contracts ?« Contracts of The Future », which gives you some precise insight about how the future will look like in France.
Today I am addressing to my French readers in particular, but also to all the people in the world who refuse to get brainwashed by their government. Detroit emcee The Disciple said that the world is burning and there is so much truth expressed in his song: don’t take freedom and social values for granted. You gotta fight for your rights. So let’s all stand up against injustice, racial and religious discrimination before it is too late. Today Paris is burning…it is up to you to stop the fire or to intensify it. Try to make the right choice.

Is Nicolas Sarkozy slowly turning our state into a dictatorship?

I barely express about my country, but the recent happenings in Clichy Sous Bois near Paris and the way things are handled economically, socially and politically are quite scary…What happened to the so called “country of freedom, equality and fraternity”?
It seems like the rights of the underpriviledged are constantly deprived. Religious minorities and unemployed people are discriminated against on a daily basis…
I feel less and less comfortable in a country I intend to leave before Sarkozy gets elected as a President…
My next article will be political and critical. Fuck Sarkozy and fuck the police!

Chuck Dirty, another spicy taste of Michigan hip hop

Chuck Dirty was born on February the 10th, 1984 in Flint, Michigan. The young emcee has quite a good experience in rapping. Inspired by his favorite rapper, Tupac, he started writing rap lyrics at the age of 12. Soon he would be performing at local hip hop shows at 15 and recording mixtapes with his friends.
Find out more biographical info about the rapper from Fenton, Michigan, here.
Chuck Dirty is no newcomer to the local hip hop scene, but you are probably curious to know how he sounds…
Chuck Dirty raps in an offensive way that is typical to the spicy Michigan taste. Dirty Chuck creates some good lyrics that are beautifully combined with his rapid flow delivery.
Chuck Dirty represents and reps his hood with pride. Enjoy his cool sense of humor expressed in his song « Cocky » that is available on his my space account.
Chuck Dirty’s force also lies in battling. The gifted artist has written two disses aimed at a local emcee Baby T: mini Baby T Diss and Dance With A Devil.
In both tracks, he manages to make his opponent look totally ridiculous.
Baby T gets murdered lyrically.
Chuck Dirty’s flow literally stomps his rival. In the world of gangsta rap, the worst insult you could get is probably « wanksta ». In the harsh world of hip hop, fake thugs get no love. BabyT Mini Diss is built on 50 Cent’s Wanksta sample. Not only does it fully destroy and ridicule Baby T’s gangsta image, it also attacks his credibility as an emcee whose music doesn’t seem to be « real rap », but rather rock sounding, according to Chuck Dirty’s statements.
You’d better not mess with the Michigan emcee who will reduce you into pieces in no time. Threatening your safety, carrying the mind of a soldier, Chuck Dirty will kill you with no mercy.
Enjoy his lyrical skills and rapid flow. The young emcee has some pure hip hop to offer to his audience.
More of his songs are available on his sound click account.
Be so curious and check him out!

The Disciple The World Is Burning/ song review

Rating: four stars
Michigan emcee The Disciple’s voice sounds prophetic in his The World Is Burning song.
The Disciple is a man of no compromise who has some critical views about the American government and our contemporary society.
Violins and rhythmic keyboard sound and drum beats nicely introduce the dramatic dimension of the song. Open your eyes, the world is burning!
The Disciple calls for changes, because the world is never learning of its mistakes. The same men who are responsible for the 9/11 drama are still supported by the same people. Yes, we are manipulated by politicians, whose only motivations are money.
The Disciple’s words combined to the rhythm of the song resemble heartbeats and are a constant quest for people to realize what’s happening around them. Our world is starving out of poverty, racism, discrimination, selfishness and political greediness and harsh social conditions.
Any man who is in favor of justice can stand up and change things. Don’t be like anybody else: you can make a real difference.
Through his insightful lyrics, The Disciple is giving you some food for thought. Listen to the song, let the music penetrate into your soul and take some time to meditate about what’s going on in this world
Then you will be able to decide: will you be the coward staying in the dark like so many people do or will you stand up for your rights.
Even one person can make a real difference. Rebels to the system have changed more things within one day than conservative people within a whole century.
Things will only change with your participation. Be that courageous and make some steps in favor of more freedom, more equality, less racism, less poverty and less discrimination.
Vote for the right people. Don’t let the same greedy assholes ruin the country you live in. It is up to you to stand up and to take responsibility for our society’s happenings.
Globally, the song is real good work. Good beats and instrumentals, a strong and audible voice make this song very enjoyable. Open your ears and the lyrics will gradually open your eyes. The Disciple has a message to deliver. Hush up and listen and don’t let the world keep burning.

Dear readers…

I am currently experiencing some problems with my internet. It has been down for about 2 days and I don’t know when the problem will be fixed. I keep working on my articles and I am asking you for a little bit patience…I will do my best to get back at you asap…stay tuned:)