The launching of Shade 45 at the Shady National Convention: an official step in favor of freedom of speech

He’s been protested against for his wicked lyrics, the government has constantly tried to censor his music and videos…some people still want to shut him down.
Bad news for his opponents: Eminem has the power to voice his political opinion publicly.
Some people reproach him to raise his voice because he is rich. Nonsense! If Marshall Mathers was poor, none of you would take his political opinion into account. No, Eminem is not some rich idiot whose statements are pointless just because he comes from a dysfunctional family, although some readers from Gavinsblog seem to believe it:
« Who cares what Eminem thinks! He’s got a nerve bashing Bush or anyone for that matter. This from a chump who can’t save his marriage, hates and sues his mother and can’t get his own psychological mind in order…and HE wants to save America? Give me a break! Who cares he makes millions…he’s just a chump with a lot of money »
Wrong! A lot of people care about Eminem’s opinion…
-Marshall Mathers represents a political power in America. His voice is heard on the media.
– Unlike many celebrities who express about politics and trying to get engaged in an electoral campaign, Eminem doesn’t belong to the glamorous Hollywood celebrity world. Marshall Mathers is a self made man who has worked hard to become the powerful man he is now. He remains close to underground and white trash people and perfectly knows about the problems the underprivileged in America experience in their every day life.
The opening of the Shady National Convention is an official step for more freedom of speech in America and a new stab at conservative America.
You will barely see Slim Shady dressed in a suit and wearing a tie. But on Thursday October the 28th, Eminem had some more conventional clothes, probably to mark the beginning of something official.
On the D12 World message board, somebody who had the great chance to attend to the Shady National Convention recalls the event:
” I just got back from the convention, I got my tickets from Jason. It was a hot show. Here are the details I remember:
1)Eminem opened with Mosh, then did Business, White America, Kill you and some others. He also did the shade 45 freestyle.
2) D12 came out and did How Come, U R the one, My band, When the music stops, and then American Psycho with a special appearence by B-Real.
4) Stat Quo came out and performed a song.
3) Obie came out and did his thing with The Setup, then he did ‘Oh’ and none other than Busta Rhymes came out and did it with him. Busta stayed on stage for a little bit and tore the roof off the place.
4) Obie then came back and did his verse of Love Me, then Em came out and did his part, then 50 Cent came out and finsihed the song off. 50 then stayed and did Patiently Waiting with Em and In Da Club with Yayo. Duting In da club, 50 threw his leather jacket into the crowd and almost started a fight when like 6 people were fighting over it. Gotta give 50 credit, he really brought it tonight.
5) Em came back out and closed out with Just Lose It. Before the song, he told Michael Jackson to beat it and “fuck him if he cant take a joke”
I should also add that Donald Trump and Method Man were there, along with Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine and even Bono from U2. Overall great show, I know Im forgetting some things, but this is all i can think of right now.”

The New York Post has offered some negative criticism against Eminem’s Shady National Convention:
If Dan Aquilante really thinks that Eminem’s eminence is diminished, he is really wrong. He’s stronger now more than ever, as he powerfully states it in « Mosh ».
Eminem is indeed a political force and he manages to rally a lot of people is his courageous engagement against Bush. I didn’t have the chance to be a participant to the Shady National Convention, but what I heard from it reveals an amazing ceremony that must have been really great.
Judge by yourself:
The Shady National Convention is the symbol of a new generation that will stand up and fight for its rights.
If Bush loses the elections next Tuesday (November the 2nd 2002) , remember that you will also owe it to Eminem’s strong political engagement against dictatorial power. Let’s build a better and peaceful world- without Bush.
If you’re interested in downloading the Mosh video, click here:

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