Eminem vs Everlast

Don’t mess with Slim Shady unless you wanna get kicked badly and killed lyrically!
Everlast and Eminem have fought against each other in hard lyrical battles that went very personal.
The beef between Eminem and the former “House Of Pain” member started in 1999. Eminem’s words from the song “Just Don’t Give A Fuck” highly offended Everlast, since his name was mentionned:
“I’m Nicer than Pete, but I’m on a Serch to crush a Milkbone / I’m Everlast-ing, I melt Vanilla Ice like silicone…”
Everlast prompted to respond in his “Dilated People” track and made his beef between him and Eminem become very personal, since he mentionned Hailie in a pretty clear allusion:
“Ear Drums Pop (Remix)”, saying “Cock my hammer, spit a Comet like Haley / I’ll buck a three-eighty on ones that act shady / I’m original like Grady, check my Sanford, Son / You know you ain’t the one that rep peckerwood status / I’ll bust that ass, keep your eyes on the floor / What you comin here for, son you know the law / Let’s take it back to the house, slide off your blouse / Lift up your skirt and expose your panties / For the world to see, you can’t rep it like me.”
I Remember” is a former Eminem song that is aimed at Eric Shrody aka Everlast and describes Everlast as a dead rapper who should have died from his recent heart attack:
“I remember back when you had The Knack (had the knack)
And I remember when you had your first heart attack (heart attack)
I was right there laughin when I heard the news (heard the news)
I just wish the cardiac would’a murdered you (would’a murdered you)…”

“I Remember” is fullfilled with sarcasms towards Eric Shrody.
But it is just the beginning of a bitter and personal war of words between both rappers. As the lyrical struggle goes on,
Everlast becomes more and more personal with Eminem.
“Whitey’s Revenge” is a diss track towards Eminem that target Debbie Mathers and that questions Eminem’s fatherhood.
In the introduction, Whitey Ford dedicates the song to Debbie Mathers and questions Eminem’s toughness and his sexuality.
He also accuses him to use the “shock value” of his lyrics for money.
The meanest sentence is probably the following one:
“…and you can’t keep your woman from going astray
better run and check your kid for your DNA…”

Kim’s infidelity is clearly mentionned and Everlast wants to state that Eminem is probably not Hailie’s dad. The next sentence makes fun of Debbie’s lawsuits against Marshall:
I take care of my moms you get sued by yours…”
The Eminem/Everlast battle entered another round as Eminem released the song “Quitter” with the D12 group.
Marshall never jokes with his love for his daughter. He won’t allow anybody to talk about Hailie without retaliating badly.
The chorus of “Quitter” sounds like a real threat towards Everlast:
“Quitter and you bitter cuz I came along
And your days of house of pain are gone
If you talk about my little girl in a song again
I’ma kill you (I’ma kill you)…”

Eminem even goes that far to encourage his fans to beat his rival up:
“Aiight look…
So this is what we ask of our fans
If you ever see Everlast, whoop his ass
Hit him with sticks, bricks, rocks, throw shit at him
Kick him, spit on him, treat him like a hoe, bitchslap him
Do it for me, do it for Fred, do it for Limp
Do it for Rock, do it for Rap, do it for Ken
Do it for Ice T, do it just to do it, FUCK IT
He’s a bitch, he ain’t gonna hit you back, he’s nothin
Shit, in five years, we’re all gonna be eating at Whitey’s
And he’ll be busin tables in that bitch, cleaning the toilets…”

But the whole song also reveals Eric Shrody’s bitterness and his jealousy.
On February the 2nd, 2001, Everlast did a public show at St Andrews Hall in Detroit where he publicly dissed Eminem. The show ended violently. Suddenly some participants threw bottles and chairs on stage and some other men wearing D12 Tshirts entered the concert hall and asked the crowd:
“Are you going to let this motherfucker come to Detroit and disrespect Eminem?”
Three people were injured and sent to the hospital. During the show, Everlast called Eminem “a fucking midget”, criticized D12 and challenged the participants from Eminem’s camp:
The mic is open if there’s someone from Eminem’s camp who’s here. “Didn’t think so.”
People from Eminem’s camp were trying to take over security and were approaching the scene. Everlast took his guitar as a self defense weapon and one of the assaillants took the microphone, addressing to the crowd, until the power was cut. As a consequence, Everlast had to leave the show.
The lyrical battles that opposed Eminem and Everlast could have ended tragically. As far as I am concerned, “personals” are not the most interesting side of a lyrical battle. But that’s usually the way his rivals are trying to get at Eminem.
If you ask me, attacking a rapper by dissing his family members is rather a sign of weakness and it shows his incapacity to harm his enemy lyrically by other means. It also shows a cowardly manner to battle one’s opponent. Look at your rival’s own weaknesses, but why diss his family members?

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  33. hahah mc fresh russel crow or whatever the fuck his name is haha i got somthin for his ass yo its crazy over here yo its toronto up in this muhfucka. whats up northern effect. the whole canada whats poppin block 13 whats poppin iight check it
    yo mc fresh, pauly. u one in the same?
    you faggot rookies come out. im the first one in the game. push packs to get paid sumthin you fags imbrace. the fear is inside u. i pop another magnum case. beefs still knockin these beats is still poppin
    fuck the hood i just killed robin. the ghetto is mine.from kingston jamaica to the robbin in harlem. i got my nine as a solver u got a problem holla. yo my ryhmes is so sick i know you love dat. your rims is only slick from oil on ya hub caps.
    thats all for now i might be back nigga holla impulse whats up my nigga. lil crimson whats up my nigga. shane lavallee r.i.p. holla block 13 this is my home

  34. lets show em how to write a muhfuckin rap all you ahters out there check this rhyme y’all im done with respect seeking.
    yo i see pauly on top. its a clear image
    it aint duisgused like apple juice with beer in it
    u think you in the hood but u dont know whats goin down
    you tryin to mix it up like beduin soundclash with no sound
    u choke up whenever the hoes around. tail between ya legs. toes down.
    ya ignorance has blinded you but im tellin you to know now
    just. go down. make it easy. to just roll up on and smoke you like a weed leaf.
    i said i didnt need beef. what are u blind deaf stupid all the above? leave me..
    alone. folks like you should should just go home to your evening t.v shows. case closed
    couldnt even try to relate yo. fuck destiny this aint part of your fate.; just a small portion of some of your cake. the ten feet in the 25 mile long race.
    haha thats whack:P whatever man a rule to freestyle is dont givr a fuck what u rap just put shit down. when ya rhymes come out like most peoples on this site do you know your tryin to hard y’all fuck you t.o

  35. i am tired of this world and all the people who live
    the hatered spreading got no love to give
    Everytime I walk down the street got to protect your kids
    everyone pushing a front to rep like ther hard
    800 for some fubu and cons but the kids they dont know starve
    I hate you for the life I got to be
    I hate you for the life i got to lead
    I hate you for every breath I breathe
    I hate you caz you hate me
    I am trying to see the light but the tunnel is to long
    Not sure if i even want to walk that way its the same ol song
    I am strugglin like knaan to see if this world is good
    AM i a super hero that grew up in a shitty hood
    Am i here to help by robbing and given to the youth
    or am I better off exploiting the rich by telling the truth
    I dont know what I will be in 5 years
    maybe hunched over some bar talking bout back in the day with some beers
    Why did you make me like this, rather take a gun the pull out a fist
    what happend to a fist fight, why do bullets have to fly
    Am I a pussy caz I dont want to die
    Am I not a man caz I am honest and dont lie
    I dont know where Im going and I dont know where I am
    But I know I hate this shit so its time we made a plan

  36. thats the stuff i wanna be rhymin man now im stuck in this beef shit and cant get out its like changin my image or somethin iunno whatever

  37. I hear a lot of motherfuckers say they down for the kill
    Most of them are just clowns, but they swear they will
    Spend a lot of time being down, keeping it real
    But I pay more attention to the ones that keep still
    You all RuPaul when the Reaper calls
    When the reaper calls, you all RuPaul
    You all RuPaul when the Reaper calls
    When the Reaper calls you all RuPaul

  38. Da Da Da Da DA Daddy
    please bitch go light up a phatty
    You sound a little mad G
    Go light another phatty
    your not my daddy
    But you might be my bitch
    Have another phatty roll over and flick the switch
    I’ll pull it out and make you lie dead still
    No you ain’t high the shits gonna hurt for real
    I’m the grim reaper and I’ll make you a deal
    I aint a muther fuka down for a kill
    but your mother fucka down for some salty pills
    Fuck keeping it real I’ll keep it wrong
    Caz after I fucking kill you daddy Im gone
    Holla back bitch caz its fucken on

  39. hey pauly where you at “homie”
    noticed that you’ve stopped throwin’ lyrics on me
    kinda miss that punk ass B-wit shit you spit
    come on write something nasty bitch with heart in it
    apperently you’re “stuck in some beef shit”
    so come on wanksta let’s get on with it

  40. sup y’all no i aint dead ill never die im just done here bu lets just drop sumthin for you to remember me by
    T.j i never threw lyrics at you nigga what you mad at
    “rap” god can never grasp a hammer. my dicks sumthin he can grab at.
    i never went with pride everyone just said “hes gay”
    buts thats iight i went down in a fight unlike t.j
    but i aint here to hate just state my opinion
    i aint here to saw i won. just to say that im winnin.
    i said some contreversial shit even “racially sinnin”
    lord forgive me i see ya face in the celin
    but in a way i feel accepted cos every second i
    was bein shouted out even though i was disrespected.
    and i still never lost composure. a true soldier. you gotta hand it to me i battle all of y’all over and over.
    i handled the heat i took all the shit.
    yeah i went down but im glad i never went down like a bitch.
    and i know ima take shit for these lyrics. but thats iight.
    y’all need to to hear it its shit frum the spirit
    and all the bad blood that once was has dried up
    stained with liquid from all the tears they cried up
    with my luck. none of y’all will give a flyin fuck
    but i say it just to say it guess you can say im jaded but in my heart i think i made it

  41. haha man you’re too much, bitch are you serious
    you’re neglective and pathetic, like lost and delirious
    you started as never before seen “green”, wanted to be mean
    now you’re like this lean clean little drama queen
    i once stood up against a bitch that lacked of sex
    now i stand before a fuckin sissy with a Shakespearan complex
    wigga you’re to much, you’re like dying to be true
    talking bout “shit frum the spirit”, is that supposed to come outta you
    are you trying to find yourself, are you lost in a fog
    cause bitch you’re opening your heart in a fuckin internet blog
    fuck man, you should pass, go home and smoke grass
    you want to be a rose but you got thornes in your ass
    you’re a word clown, a fool, you’ve fallen through the net
    you’re molesting your lyrics and raping the alphabet
    stop this beef shit pauly, keep crying in your bed
    lay of with your rap shit and write novels instead
    you’re through bitch, go home

  42. thought that i maybe could get something outta you with the “come on write something nasty bitch with heart in it”-shit..
    well i was wrong..

  43. i got a new saying for people battlin over the internet i go by
    fighting over the internet is like running in the special olympics even if you win your still retarted
    ya i know its takin shots at myself but im willing to take a punch in order to deliver 10

  44. okey pauly.. whatever you say
    got some more quotations in stock? who wrote that hit anyway?
    you’re like gasping for it bitch…

  45. Dear Hip Hop,
    What a waste of time
    try to battle, try to rhyme
    tried to rob, tried to crime
    got no heart left last minute to shine
    I cant go back now, Iv come to far
    I just want to matter dont want 2b a star
    dont want to end up on a stool at a bar
    DOnt want to ed up given rides in a taxi car
    Dont want to make $ the same as everyone else foreva
    lay down a beat so I can be cleva
    Tired of what Iv become,
    I H8 everything and everyone
    I h8 what Iv done, and that I have never run
    take ever battle in life face front with a mental gun
    So Whats the difference between me and you son?
    You keep waiting for it but Im fucken done
    So I am going to lay some tracks down later on tonight
    Fuck the beat, the lyrics better come out right
    Losing my effect loosing my luster
    feel like tyson in the 6th round with buster
    Time to go North cas its too full down south
    This is not for a battle so shut your cock filled mouth
    stop the typing, cas what i read here is way too frightening
    TJ aside the rest of you are something like lightning
    you never strike twice and you come with nothing
    I got all the talent but no direction
    Fire back please but use our discretion

  46. what the fuck is this shit?
    yall act like u a big hit
    dissin eachother bout their rhymes
    take a look at yourself, you cant handle a dime
    you type till your fingers bled
    but knowin that you jus wanna get in eachothers bed
    and give him head
    think before you speak
    fuckin tweak
    or find yourself in an alley
    beat down and weak
    ill be back so heed what you write on this blog
    or youll be findin yourslef feelin iller than a frog

  47. Eminem is the very best rapper ever and everlast is just a fuckin dumbass he needs to go on somewhere b4 he gets his dumb ass killed if i ever seen him i would do just what eminem says I HATE everlast and ICP and fred and limp and all them fuckers but i LOVE Eminem he is truly the best rapper ever!!!!! Everlast is sooooooooooooo fuckin dumb he fuckin sucks ASS!!!!!! Stop talking so much shit about Eminem cuz hes not gonna take that shit and everyone knows he wont!! and everlast is so gay he dont need to talk shit about Eminem’s daughter she didnt do shit so he needs to fucking go on ahhhhhhhhhh I HATE HIM!!!!! …………..I LOVE YOU THO EMINEM!!!!

  48. Damn. I never thought much of Everlast, but I gotta admit he made Em his bitch. Everlast keeps hittin him where it hurts, and Em aint got nothing to hit back with. Just the same lame shit you here in every amateur battle. “I’
    ll kill you.” Real fucking clever.

  49. Mr. Schrody and Mr.Hill(another good example),best rappers in the world.Best men.I would never refer to them like I could do with Eminem.The distance between those stars is a overwhelming one.Eminem´s just a boy,although of his age,and he can do nothing for his lack of art.I´m even not sure if he “lived a little more harder” he would be a little more inspirated and less ridiculous.

  50. I dont hesitate, wait thats a lie
    Ill take my time and slowly watch u die
    my sheilds my confidence, confidence is strong
    I only strike when i want & i think your dead wrong
    so many styles, now its time time to choose one
    make it right or you’ll for sure loose son
    no time for games when your the creator
    lot of players out there but even more haters
    I respect what you do but not how you say it
    not how you live it and not how you portray it
    you got so much talent and you changed the game
    but you made it worse and it will never be the same
    you built yourself on the insults of others
    created battles just to make buzz even your mother
    now your rich, but your just a hollywood joke
    your laughing all the way 2 da bank, but your lyrics are broke
    no matter what you put out, you wont be respeceted again
    just change your name to Candy Ass instead of m&m

  51. whats wrong with me in this life of mine
    Same day, same minute, same hour in this life of mine
    nothing chages, nothings different except the time
    time of day, time to change but what should I do
    challenge me life or I sit back and chew
    never spit , never swallow
    nothing changes caz my life is hollow
    I must be a leader caz so many follow
    Dont follow me caz I m on another path
    this life goes on long but will never last
    Iv been out classed but I often teach
    so many lessons that I must now preach
    no one reads this shit so its a short reach
    but if this reach one then all is fine
    caz if u take a chance, thens its worth itin this life of mine

  52. Everlast won the battle, and isn’t a wigger like Eminem, plus Eminem is small, Everlast exposed alot of weaknesses in Eminem and got under his skin, and it was hilarious. He would get his ass beat by anyone. Stop praising loser Eminem, he embarrasses the white race. He’s a punk and I’d like to beat his ass just for being a faggot and terrible role model. He’s white trash and a very confused individual, he’s got drug problems and he’s in his thirties, so keep looking up to him, real smart, that’s my 2 cents on the matter

  53. supp ppl i think eminem is my home boi and u guys who are tryogn to rap right now suck this is ho wu guys sound heres a shitty rhyme that sounds like u : i think im so kewl i think im da best but really im getting skooled and whooped by my father cuz hes saying im being such a bother but i wanna be liek ihm until i see him in the back of his fucken cadalac smoking up one looking like hes having fun as the clouds roll away leaving no sun- by lil slim shady a.k.a. eminem if soem of u ppl are to fucken stupid to noe who slim shady is witch is eminem. p3ce out my borthaz from anotha motherz who love eminem and for those who liek everlast fist off everlast isnt even really rpa and i heard him before and second go to fucken hell if u hate eminem more then everlast. P3CE

  54. alright alright… the best so far on here is tj
    whatever happend to battleblog is this to hard for him did he go to some lame ass hiktown local rap battle.com….

  55. everyone….just fucking listen to watever the hell u like to listen to and shut the fuck up……no body cares…..and as far as battle blogs go im sure its just som idiot with no life that sits there for hours and hours thinking of shitty rymes and finally 7 hours later is done with the shittiest exuse for a rap ive ever seen…..your suppose to fucking comment on everlast vs eminem, not makin up rymes against eachother…..oh ya…they r good rymes all right…that is, if u like som of the biggest peices of shit ever typed……fuckin dumbasses

  56. You all suck at rhyming and spelling. You should’ve stayed in school instead of rapping because you can’t seem to do either. Jerkoffs!

  57. rapper te step in a booth im irish nd in eminems remix of hit em up he has de fukin nerve te diss de irish fukin batty boy ass bandit all the everlast fans get his groups new album la coka nostra a brand u can trustI agree with joefri nd diana Everlast is de fukin best

  58. everlast is best rapper te step in a booth im irish nd in eminems remix of hit em up he has de fukin nerve te diss de irish fukin batty boy ass bandit all the everlast fans get his groups new album la coka nostra a brand u can trust I agree with joefri nd diana Everlast is de fukin best

  59. I think between Eminem, ICP and Everlast.
    Eminem is by far the most popular and has more successful tunes. It is obvious he was a threat and is only defending his self from the get go.
    Everlast has one great son “what ist’s like” and that is it.
    ICP sound like whiny little vulgar bitches. I wore an ICP t-shirt to work a couple years ago and got so much flak. Everyone was like ewwww!!!!!!!!!! and it’s a big place.

  60. i want just interested in how the battle start but didnt Eminem diss Everlast first? And making ur fans beat up a guys isn’t weakness? I understand that bringing there family member into its isnt cool but is Everylast a family to him to? I think it Eminen is a pussy in my opinion but there many other way to look at it but i still think Eminen should watch wat he choose to said in his lyric and not be a Bitch. I also understand the hate crime shit but sometime u just hate people for they fucking personality, right? 🙂

  61. Eminem is better than Everlast lyrically. Quitter had better rhymes than Whitey’s Revenge, no doubt about that. Whitey Ford was spitting simple one-syllable rhymes, while Eminem was throwing out all sorts of complex things. Everlast shouldn’t have mentionned Hailey.
    BUT look at things from a physical point of view… If Everlast and Eminem fought PHYSICALLY, Everlast would tear Eminem apart. The only way Eminem would stand a chance is if he knew some kung fu (which he doesn’t). Even if Erik had a heart attack during the fight, his body would fall onto Eminem and crush Em like a bug. Maybe Marshall could ask D12 to help him out but that would obviously be unfair. Eminem asked his fans to fight for him. Where’s the tough guy now?
    Eminem won the battle BUT Everlast won the war.

  62. kk, so here we go
    theres a bunch of idiots leaving comments saying everlast is the best and that eminem asked his fans for him. K you guys are all fucking morons , i think you all have to re read the lyrics the godamn song cuz you’re all mentally challenged. its part of the fucking song and he only says YOU SHOULD KICK HIS ASS. which they all should, for just trying to diss em, but then again, he got his ass DISTROYEDDDDD cuz em like literallly ripped his balls from in between his legs in these disses ..wtv
    eminem is the greatest rapper there is out there and it will stay that way forever kids!

  63. ^
    Is that a biased post?
    I am both an Everlast fan and an Eminem fan. The point is when we picture Everlast taking on Em in a one-on-one physical battle, we know who the winner is.

  64. Speechless bustin’ ryhmes thinking we should know his name
    In this game we wont even give you 15 seconds of fame
    I don’t need guns to battle and my lyrics cut like blades
    I’ll gash you lyrically before i slit your throat and watch you fade
    After your first line i knew you were a poser playin coy
    Might as well of fucked your mom and bragged about it to your boys
    I aint got time to mess around so im calling it a night
    All it took was 30 seconds and you were crucified
    http://www.leavingscars.com Sign up now

  65. Hey folks !!!
    Cant you all stop all this ?
    Eminem and Everlast are great rappers and they should apologize for what they did to each other instead of leading an eternal war that also seriously affects their fans…
    I think that rappers and rap in general should try to express better values than violence,hate and fights (e.g. peace or whatever…)
    But well if you think you wanna fight all your life for some things and reasons that dont concern you… Well I dont care, but there are better things to do in life…

  66. fuck that. everlast should be fuckin shot for that shit. hes a fucking pussy using a guitar for self defence in ear drums pop he said he’d give a beat down but usin a guitar isnt given a beat down. its als pussy that he talks about haley and kim and marshals mom thats bull shit

  67. and eminem did warn him to fuck off and quit talking about haley so d12 and him should go kick his ass

  68. and in whitey revenge everlast said he would drop the mic and kick his ass but then he goes and disses eminem in detroit

  69. whitey murdered that wigger
    “Cock my hammer, spit a comet like Haley”
    “And if you go to prison while you’re doin’ your bid, I’ll look in on your lady and do things for your kid, make them write you lots of letters bout the things that we did, send you pictures of me chillin’ all up in your crib” OUCH!

  70. Everlast Whooped Him!
    Sure After I Remember, Tommy Boy Records Came Out And Said Everlast Found De Song Funny Himself And Had A Laugh About It!! Hahaha
    Like Seriously Anything Em Said About Everlast Has Been Turned Against Him Ina Way
    A : House Of Pain Cum Bk 2gether In De Form Of La Coka Nostra
    B : Em Called Him Fat, Was It Not Only Last Year Em Was Huge :L I Cud Get A Picture Id Yas Want Hahaha
    C : He Slagged Him Ova Heart Problems, De Reason Eminem Got Fat Last Year Was Ova A Heart Problem !! Haha
    And D12 Dissing Everlast Calling Him Dis And Dat!
    Like Luk At Dem Lads Hahahaha Der Pityful!
    Der Fuking Terrible, Ders A Reason Y Der Eminems Bitches!!
    Coz Dey All Suck!!
    Eminem Is De Most Overrated Rapper Of De Last 10 Years! I’ll Give Him De Fact Dat His 1st 2 Albums Were Gud, Well 1 Was Great ! But He Fell Off…As Everlast Said 4 Shock Value!!

  71. Fucc everlasts irish ass he was askn for it, hope he does get his throat slit cuz EMs still the shit. aint even gone say shit about him cuz EM sed it all.

  72. Oh and about the rappers, well if u really rhink u have talent go fucking rap don’t sit on ur ass and right on a post lol it just amkes u look stupid like u don’t have a life

  73. ur all haters everlast’s faggot ass will never compare to eminem’s talent, fame, fans and pure skill… the battle, although, was pathetic, everlast should NOT have taken shots at his family; eminem shouldn’t have brought his heart condition into it, that was a cheap shot…. i feel they both stooped really low and no one won.

  74. Was Eminem talking about Mikie Da Poet when he said’ “you said you was king, you lied through your teeth, so for that fuk your feelings instead of getting crowned your getting capped”? on the song im not afraid? cause Mikie’s old performance on Foxs news was recently posted where Fox reported Mikie is the new Eminem, also the song The Showdown was the talked about debut album, and in that song Mikie says “Crown me King” these guys have history through the labels and i want to know if Mikie’s old SCREAMING, PASSIONATE style inspired Eminem or did the Comment about Mikie being the New Eminem mean anything, I think your both great rappers and the hip hop world needs to know the story between you guys, cause its been brewing for a while. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6fID8VcHGs

  75. Eminem is a great rapper. Everlast had his time, he isn’t the same today, but you still don’t put him in the same category as vanilla ice. Everlast also had some tough competition when hip hop was hip hop. If Eminem want’s do talk shit then he better be able to take it. Their aint a rule book to running your mouth if your gonna do it like he does, he’s fair game.

  76. aye man i got a question……………HOW DA FUCK can yall tell who wud win in a fight especially if u NEVER saw neitha one of dem dudes fight!?! im mean COME ON PPL jus cuz everlast is physically bigger den eminem dont mean SHIT size dont matter in a fight! Grow da fuck UP DAMN im BLACK and i kno dat! And as far as da lyrical battle em is more flexible and complex wit his rhymes but everlast jus hit lower…….but overall dey both excell. rappers but em is better in my opinion

  77. and by da way em aint tryin ta b black y da hell yall keep sayin dat shit? ok so wat he raps(and is actually a BEAST at it) wit a street accent, wears loose clothes and chains, a doo rag, and hang around blacks…SO DA FUCK WAT! wat yall want him ta rap properly about happiness and sunshine and luv while wearin tight ass clothes? and besides, he cant change where hes frm or how he was raised HE IS WAT HE IS! and fuck all yall tryin ta judge em jus cuz of his family and drug issues

  78. and if u ask me em is HELPING ur race….not ta sound racist or nuthin but em is one of da only white dudes i got profound respect for cuz he proved dat not all whites aint bi (metaphorically meaning:cocky and pussy) in street/urban situations aight PEACE!

  79. chiside when eminem said the lied through ur teeth part in not afraid its actualy “you said you was king, you lied through yo teeth for that fuck your filling” not feeling i thout it was feelings too at first. anyway he was dissing lil wayne. in waynes song exquisite he calls himself a king. and wayne had to get fillings removed when he went to jail FOR CAPPING SOMEONE. also the next line says “instead of getting crowned your getting capped” em disses wayne on half the songs in recovery even no love. the only reason that he worked with wayne is cus he wanted to be as disrespectful as he could cus thats what wayne did. annyway theres ur answer

  80. LOl, you guys are funny as hell, Ev whooped his ass lyrically, and would do the same physically.

  81. @Trey_94 Umm…. Actually size DOES matter in a fight. I believe that’s exactly why boxing/MMA/wrestling/every other type of fighting has weight classes due to size being a MAJOR FACTOR IN FIGHTING. Dumbass. I like Em, but get off his caucasian cock.

  82. no matter who sa ever say what to eminem bt i know one thing that eminem is the best rapper of the world and will be

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