Another kind of music that has influenced me tremendously: James Brown’s

I guess I have always been a black music lover. I have discovered James Brown in the mid 80’s. They call him « The Godfather of Soul ». His music is entertaining and emotional at the same time, it is a rich mixture of several musical genres like soul, blues, jazz, gospel, funky and soul. James Brown is one of those men who communicates a lot of energy and enthusiasm through his music.
I can remember the first time I listened to « Sex Machine », « I Got You ». I was impressed with the hot and entertaining atmosphere James Brown managed to create through his music. I still appreciate his music and listen to it.
James Brown, the amazing musician, was born in 1933, in Barnwell, South Carolina as the only child of his parents. He has black and asian roots through his mom.
When James Brown’s parents separated, the four year old boy grew up at his aunt’s home in Georgia. James Brown left school early, at the 7th grade.
As a young boy, he did all kind of jobs (washing dishes, picking cotton, washing cars…).
Being sentenced at the age of 16 for taking part in an armed robbery and being caught breaking into a car, James Brown spent a little time in jail and the served about three years in juvenile farms work.
He also tried to be a boxer and a base ball pitcher but he gave it up after having his leg injured. As the pitcher for jail team, he met pianist Bobby Byrd and he started to work with him at local clubs and bars during the night. His day job was located at Lawson Motor Company.
Later, Mr Brown became a member of Bobby Byrd’s gospel group.
James Brown has brought a revolution into popular music. He toured in Georgia with his gospel quartett Famous Flames. His release « Please, Please, Please » captured the attention of King Records in 1956.
In 1962, his performance at the Apollo made him a star.
James Brown’s energetic music also explains his nickname « Mr Dynamite ».
James Brown’s music is rich of so many musical genres (RnB, soul, funky, blues, etc..) and he is more than brilliant. The Godfather of soul music has brought black music out of the ghetto and made it popular.
You will learn more about this amazing artist here:
Check him out if you haven’t yet. He is really great.

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