Eminem’s new Mosh video: a new step in the fight for more justice

The video for Eminem’s brandnew song Mosh has been leaked this morning to my greatest pleasure. Picture Eminem in the role of a teacher: kids and adults, ready for your first anti war lesson. Follow Marshall, now headed with a American flag bandana, to the streets of America, expressing his rage against the headlines showing Bush’s war plans.
Some images of the half animated video recall steps of Marshall’s way to the top.
Mosh is a stab at President Bush’s policy.
Eminem stands up against any kind of injustice and discrimination.
Look at Lloyd Banks facing racial discrimination from the cops.
In America and everywhere in the world, the police is indeed responsible of many burs. This recent story posted on yahoo news is one of so many examples of their silly behavior:
Lloyd Banks then enters the living room while his dad watches manifestations of the KKK…Lloyd Banks realizes that it is high time to act and to stand up for his rights. He dresses up in his dark clothes and joins Eminem who is calling people to follow him in his fight.
A young man who comes back home and who obviously wants to spend some time with his family will be drafted for Bush’s ambitious war projects. His decision: « Say no to Bush ». He joins the crowd of rebellious people who are fed up with a dictatorial government’s lies that obviously exploit some patriots great ignorance about terrorism and Islamic countries.
No matter how old, man, woman, black, white or yellow, a sea of people join Eminem in his courageous struggle. A young woman who just got her eviction notice decides to be part of the game. The crowd of America’s underprivileged is taking over with a strong leader who is determined to win his battle against hypocrisy.
Eminem brings his people to the urns.
Considering that Bush needs to get kicked out, voting is more than an emergency for American citizens. Marshall will give the good example and vote for the first time on November the 2nd 2004.
His message is clear: « Vote against Bush » and there should be no confusion about it. Some people say that Eminem wants people to vote for Kerry, but its is totally untrue. He doesn’t really care about your favorite candidate, as long as you vote against Bush.
American citizens, please remember: each vote counts. Fight to be able to speak and be heard!
You will be able to watch the video for Mosh on yahoo launch.