Eminem’s most recent on air statements

With the release of his recent « Just Lose It » video and the release of Bush bashing song Mosh, Eminem has received some negative feedback in the media. But Marshall perfectly know what to respond to his opponents.
Eminem has made some statements on air recently that won’t certainly leave you indifferent. He clarified his intentions with the creation of his most recent releases and also revealed some info about upcoming album « Encore ».
About Michael Jackson’s overreaction about « Just Lose It », Marshall just doesn’t get why so much fuss about a song, that is, after all, a parody:
« I dont know what the fuss is about. There are hundreds of other shit that makes MJ the butt of a joke. when i did it, people want to shit on me. »
Of course, the video incited Benzino to become associated with Michael Jackson and to give a racial interpretation of the song, which is-of course- more than laughable.
Michael Jackson is not the first and probably not the last person Marshall will make fun of.
To the losers of the Source magazine, who recently owed little money to Eminem because of the loss of their affair in justice against him, Marshall has a message full of humor:
« I think anybody who even thinks of pulling the race card on this is a fucking bitch. I’m not even gonna respond to anything. As for Benzino, its pretty obvious this is another way for him to try and destroy my career. he failed numerous times before. The $150,000 his fuckin magazine gave me? I spent that shit on toilet paper. really! The first thing i bought with that money was some toliet paper. His money means nothing to me. »
What else do we need to know about Eminem’s great song « Mosh »?
« I just wanted to make a song screaming in your face about this administration. I know its a bit different, but i didn’t want to rap fast in the song. I wanted to be slow and loud and in you face. (when asked if its gonna be the next single): oh yeh. to tell u the truth, this is the 1st single off the CD. Just Lose It is a song i banged out in an hour. It was something for the kids. Mosh is the real shit. »
Yea, Marshall. I agree with you. Mosh is the « real shit ». Mosh is lyrically well written and has a powerful meaning. It will certainly touch young and older people’s heart.
« Encore » is « The Eminem Show » ‘s follow up. It will definitely be more political and show a matured artist. Eminem worked very hard on his new album that you will be able to listen to on November the 16th:
« The album is really a follow up to the Eminem Show. Its a more politically charged LP. Like every CD I make, the album is gonna be a different side of me. The Eminem Show was a more calmed down me. My style matured, and i just worked 15 times harder. I was on probation, so i didn’t really have much freedom to get crazy like i used. I kind of found myself. I spent more time with my daughter. This album kind of deals with what I went through the past few years, and my view on politics and the world. Its less expressing my thoughts on myself, and more expressing my opinions on different issues. I think this is by far my best work. No doubt. »

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  1. Eminem u rock…u r da real slim shady.i luv ur songs.u r da best lyricist n rapper eva.hats off!!

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