Two brothers who love each other

Marshall is not only a dedicated daddy to Hailie, he is also a great big brother to Nathan. Since Nathan was born, Eminem used to take care of his little brother. He pretty much raised him. In an interview given to Lang Whitaker, Eminem talks about the way he used to take care of Nathan:
It’s got a little something to do with me not knowing my father, so I try to fuckin’ make it up a little bit. But I don’t think that’s the only reason. I think parenthood comes naturally to me. I mean, I raised my little brother. My little brother was born when I was eleven years old, so I pretty much raised him from the cradle. ‘
A former neighbor of Debbie Mathers, Rose Slone, can testify that Marshall was always good to his brother :
‘He was good to his brother. He was always there for Nathan.”
Both brothers are in very good terms and they do appreciate each other. When you take a look at pictures of Marshall and Nathan, they look like accomplices. You have probably noticed that they seem to like joking with each other.
Marshall and Nate have been through similar tough conditions of living, both have experienced a harsh childhood and have been bullied at school.
In 2001, Eminem was seeking for Nate’s custody. He has always felt very concerned by his brother’s well being. There was a time, he couldn’t call him without Debbie listening to their conversation.
According to Debbie, Marshall has always been very protective towards Nate:
‘Marshall does preach to him about staying in school: ‘Don’t do drugs; don’t drink. If I ever catch you doing it, or smoking pot, I’m gonna go out and let you finish a joint and then I’m gonna bust ya upside your head.'”
Since his 16 th birthday, Nathan lives with his brother who is a positive role model to him. Nate is very supportive to Marshall’s carrier and he has participated to several of his videos. He enjoys his brother’s music and he wants to be a rapper too.
At the time Nate’s website was disabled (some jealous people had trashed his guestbook), I have read so many stupid comments from his detractors. Some of them said that Nate ‘was a sponge who was living in the shadow of his brother’. To all those people , I would like to say: ‘Just shut up and get a damn life!’
Nate hasn’t choosen to be the brother of a celebrity. You cannot compare him to Eminem, he hasn’t started an official rap career. In December 2002, he was trying to get a record deal, but for the moment, he hasn’t be signed to a label.
Of course, if you consider Eminem’s huge talent, you will realize that Nate will have to work hard as a rapper. But don’t prejudge him before his carrier started.
Nate is only 18 years old. He has his life in front of him to prove his skills.
For his 18th birthday, Marshall has offered a studio to his beloved brother: he may surprise us very soon with a cool record.
Much more than brothers, Marshall and Nate are true friends for life.