Eminem Shuns D12, Buddha-Shaped Bizarre Hangs Like 50 In ‘My Band’

Eminem has never shied away from addressing serious topics in his rhymes. But when it comes to hooking up with his old rap group from Detroit, D12, Eminem seems determined to keep it silly.
the group’s new single and video, “My Band,” Eminem and company satirize the very obvious fact that despite their best intentions, Em clearly is the most high-profile member of the group.
In the clip, Eminem is the egocentric lead singer of a rock band who affords himself all the perks of celebrity while shutting out his backing bandmates. The idea is a spin on three real-life experiences that happen to the crew again and again, Eminem says: when D12 get called a “band” and not a “rap group,” when Eminem is singled out from the other members, and when people mix up the names, faces and voices of the group’s other members. Instead of continuing to get angry about the situation, they decided to poke fun at it.
You know, one day I was just in this silly-ass mood … where I was kinda slap-happy. [I decided to act like] I’m the lead singer here and I’m going to get the chicks,” Eminem said of the behavior that inspired the “character” he plays in the video.
“It was all day long, though,” his D12 mate Swift added.
“All day long,” Eminem agreed. “I was probably annoying the f— out of them, but it ended up becoming a song.”
The self-parodying in the clip isn’t limited to Em and D12 ‘ extended family member 50 Cent gets it as well. Mocking the “Six Million Dollar Man” workout regimen 50 Cent goes through in his video for “In Da Club,” the Buddha-shaped D12 rapper Bizarre is shown hanging upside down in a futile attempt to get in shape.
Eminem both produced “My Band” and directed the video. The track appears on D12’s upcoming sophomore album, D12 World, which is due out April 27

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