50 Cent is not an homophobic man

In a recent interview given to Playboy magazine, 50 Cent expressed his views about homosexuality:
“I ain’t into faggots. I don’t like gay people around me, because I’m not comfortable with what their thoughts are. I’m not prejudiced. I just don’t go with gay people and kick it – we don’t have that much in common. I’d rather hang out with a straight dude. But women who like women, that’s cool.”
Some people may have been shocked by his statements, but I think he deserves respect for being honest. 50 Cent doesn’t feel comfortable in front gay people, and thus, doesn’t want to hang out with them. There is nothing degrading nor gay bashing in what he said. There is absolutely nothing to be shocked about: 50 Cent has the right not to go with homosexual men. It is his choice.
As he pointed it out, 50 Cent has been honest speaking his mind:
“It’s OK to write that I’m prejudiced.This is as honest as I could possibly be with you. When people become celebrities they change the way they speak. But my conversation with you is exactly the way I would have a conversation on the street. We refer to gay people as faggots, as homos. It could be disrespectful, but that’s the facts.”
The GLAAD approved 50 Cent’s honesty, but people of this organisation still have problems with his use of the word ‘faggot’. GLAAD’s People of Color Media Manager C. Riley Snorton said:
“We applaud his honesty in talking about the murder of his bisexual mother and appreciate his acknowledgment that he is not comfortable with gay people. We know that confronting homophobia can indeed be uncomfortable. A good way to start would be to attend GLAAD’s annual media awards. I’d like to invite 50 Cent as my personal guest.”
The GLAAD said: “it can be dangerous to use words like ‘faggot’ and ‘homo’ when talking about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.”I wish the GLAAD stopped with its susceptibility about the use of the word ‘faggot’. The organisation still has problems with it.
The GLAAD should seriously grow up.
In 2001, the Glaad has protested against Eminem, turning him into a symbol of homophobia as if Eminem was the first rapper to use ‘faggot’ in his lyrics. As Eminem pointed it out, the word ‘faggot’ in his lyrics means ‘sissy’. The song ‘Criminal’, where the word gets used with the meaning ‘gay’, is obviously a reaction against the Glaad’s accusation of homophobia.
People of the GLAAD don’t seem to know the world of hip hop very well. It is so common to use words such as ‘faggot’ or ‘dyke’ in hip hop lyrics. Scholly D did it long before Eminem and 50 Cent in ‘Saturday Night’:
“…and I thought it was
a gag, when I thought it was a girl, it was nothing but a fag”

NWA has also used similar words like ‘dyke’ in ‘Gangsta Gangsta’:
“Dumb ass hooker ain’t nuttin’ but a dyke”
50 Cent, whose own mom used to be bisexual, cannot be targetted as homophobic. It would be a real mistake to do so.
People from the Glaad should stop taing each word of rap lyric literally. That would certainly help to push thin

2 thoughts on “50 Cent is not an homophobic man”

  1. I dont think you are bisexual.A bunch of people at my school says u are but I know ur not.I am 15 years old.U r my favorite singer and always will be.U r so cool I want 2 meet u someday.I still have ur first cd .I like that song smack that. I like u and akon. And I was wandering what was with u and icp their alright but,i dont realy like them after what they said about u.Their the gay ones.I know u could whoop shaggy 2 dope and violent j.Just write me back when u have time. later

  2. Eminem is homophobic. Is that seriously even being questioned? But so is about 95% of this country so what the hell are we talking about one kid for? Instead why don’t we educate people like him? They look like fools generalizing groups of people based on the color of their skin, the god people believe in, and how two consenting adults have sex? It’s not that offensive that people are racist, homophobic, or anything else. It’s just dumb.
    And with a little bit of dialogue with someone as smart and as talented (not to mention discriminated against) as Eminem, I think we don’t have to work too hard to have him switch his lyrics up a bit to have a more positive impact on the prejudices/violence/and murder gay people go through on a daily basis in this country.
    His mother sucked and his life was a struggle. I think that if people stopped still being prejudice against him for existing in a society that promotes homophobia, illegal for gay people to marry, to be in the military, or have any rights that ‘straight’ people have, maybe we can reach someone who is smarter than that? A struggle is a struggle and I’m fairly confident that Eminem can grasp that.
    Let’s show him these statistics http://www.pflagphoenix.org/education/youth_stats.html
    And then listen to his own song, BEAUTIFUL.
    Gay people struggle more than anyone in this country for constitutional rights. That’s a fact. And racism is still alive and well. Let’s unite and stop this insane intentional ignorance, hate, and falsities that oppress all people.
    Until then… you gays are stronger than anyone who just reacts to commercials, television shows, movies, and politics. That shit is easy. Being gay is not backing down to an abusive society, an abusive mother, or abusive media.
    F*#@ it, you guys rule.
    Eminem is homophobic. My neighbor is homophobic. George Bush is homophobic. Obama is homophobic. Who cares. Be homophobic if you want to be scared of gay people, you’ve got to have many many fears. All we should be talking about is how ILLEGAL it is to deny constitutional rights to United States of America law-abiding, loving, normal citizens.
    And everyone is racist. But hell, black people can get married. So if you’re a white 80 year old racist, that’s all you are. It doesn’t matter, hate if you want to because of the color of someone’s skin color. You ain’t affecting their constitutional rights…anymore 😉
    Oh ya, and it sounds like 50 cent likes guys after reading this…”I don’t like gay people around me, because I’m not comfortable with what their thoughts are.”
    Um gay people don’t think about people like suck like you. Just like attractive woman aren’t attracted to aholes either. Common sense dude. Read a book

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