Obie Trice’s definition of the word “gangsta”

As Obie Trice states it, every man determined his definition of realness. It also depends on our background and our personal story.
Obie also gives his own definition of the word ‘gangsta’. What is a gangsta?
If you ask me, I’d tell you that a gangsta is somebody who is related to the ghetto, who is dealing with guns, drugs and illegal stuff.
The urban dictionnary gives the following definition of ‘gangsta’:
‘a gangsta whom by definition is also a pranksta
dang, yo. that foolio is a gangsta pranksta.’
A ‘pranksta’ being defined as ‘One who pretends to gang bang, a busta, a mark. ‘
“Yo, u aint no G, you’s a pranksta Cuhz.”
Another website exposes 69 funny definitions of the word ‘gangsta’. According to those definitions, many people could correspond to the word ‘gangsta’:
I have even read a more original definition of ‘gangsta’ on a rap message board. It was written ‘ a gangsta is a person who is determined to reach his/her goals by ANY means.’ If this definition is true, I might be a gangsta!
But Obie’s definition is linked much more to the realness of an act:
“Every man determined his definition of realness
What’s real to him
Everybody’s got their own definition of gangsta man
Okay, this is my definition of gangsta
Surprise motherfuckers
You thought I never would arise motherfuckers
It’s Obie Trice motherfuckers
Look in the eyes of a real guy
I ain’t got time for lies
Niggaz frontin like they lyin
Nigga ya not tough
Decease the bluff
These streets is too heated up for you to front
Dre laced the beat
Heated up for you to bump
Real name no gimmicks give my niggaz what they want
Fuck the image of the blunt
That ain’t rap dog
Be who you wanna be but let it be fat dog
We’ll never let a nigga tell you how you should act dog
Specially when you’re fuckin wit automatic gats dog
These niggaz ain’t playin
I’m sayin
I’m sprayin
I do my dirty work wit my hands
I’m a man
Layin a nigga down he advance
You fuckin wit my plans
I’m lookin for the tooth…”
If you follow his description during the whole song, you will understand that Obie’s definition has to do with real life experience. He targets all those fake gangstas who open their mouth, but whose sense of realness is totally fake. He doesn’t give any name, but it is quite obvious.
‘Keeping it real’ is essential to be an authentic rapper. Like Eminem, Obie Trice grew up in the context of the Detroit underground. His album ‘Cheers’ has a different style than Eminem’s albums, it may be more about beers and bitches, but it also describes Detroit in its realness.
Obie’s words picture the harshness of the Detroit neighborhood.
In the lyrics of ‘Look In My Eyes’, Obie attacks all those fake gangsta wannabees who are trying to look tough, but who don’t know anything about life in the streets. You cannot doubt Obie’s sincerity. He’s a man of experience who raps under his real name. Keep it real in the D, dawg.
Obie Trice, real name, no gimmicks.

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