Eminem touring with Hailie?

Maybe it would be more secure for Hailie if daddy and daughter could be touring together.
Last June, during Eminem’s European tour, Hailie had to face some real difficulties at school:
Two of Eminem’s nannies don’t seem to be trustworthy. JR Watkins has betrayed him by displaying intimate details about his privacy in 2002.
Nadine Bailey has caused some scandal in June 2003. She was accused of punching a little girl, Hailie’s pal named Karrie Laws. She also made the little girl swallow some soap, accusing her of lying about her homework.
Her mom said:
“Karrie has been subjected to ongoing abuse.”
Karrie is the daughter of Kenneth Laws, Eminem’s bodyguard.
Human relationships aren’t always simple to handle, particularly when you’re a superstar.
Eminem does his best to give Hailie the most comfortable life. He is a very loving father.
As he stated it on Radio 1, his daughter is actually the most important person in his life:
“… I’m never gonna hold back on expressing my
love for my daughter. There’s nothing that can
strip that… She’s obviously the most important
thing to me. She’s so beautiful and so smart”

(Radio 1 interview)
The only problem is that he’s barely at home with Hailie. Touring with her might be the solution, who knows?

4 thoughts on “Eminem touring with Hailie?”

  1. if they tour together yeah she’ll miss out on a bit of school but it could make their relationship stronger when hailie sees the other side of her dads stardom. im 13 and im eminems BIGGEST EVER FAN!

  2. I dont think hailie should tour with eminem yet.I think that every 10 year old would love to be famous and go touring but i think also it would be very stressful at such a yong age.I think Hailie should just stay in school,get a good education and once shes abit older and finished school maybe then if she still wanted she could go touring with “daddy” But for now i think she should just concerntrate on school work and have fun!

  3. well yeah it is a bit early considering hailie is just 11 yrs old n siriosly if they do go on a tour 2 gether hail will miss out on skool but it mite strenghten their relationship

  4. I don’t think Hailie should tour with Em because she needs to finish school but I also think they should because they’d have more time 2 spend 2 gether

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