Taste that awesome old school Detroit hip hop

His voice has some dark Ice T accents, his instrumentals are an astute combination of jazzy-soul feel. He’s got that wonderful old school sounding hip hop to please you ears. You got that right to call him awsome, because Awesome Dre he actually is called.
Awsome Dre is one of Detroit’s most precious secrets. You Can’t Hold Me Back is a clever mixture of guitar and saxophone and lyrical punchlines. Rhythmic, interrupted with scratches, the song will make you move in a cadenced way. Bounce, bounce to the gangsta sounding rhymes made in the D.
Follow me into my descriptive ride, dive into the rhythmic sounds and the sinking rhymes: I know that this artist won’t disappoint you.
In Sackchaser, Awesome Dre will punch a “golddigga” lyrically. Take you time to appreciate Awesome Dre’s incredible flow. The talented emcee’s extraordinary lyrical creativity definitely needs to be underlined.
Frankly Speaking: listen to Awesome Dre’s dark and real description of the D-town. Scratches amplify the pressure of the song. Let the brilliant artist offer some criticism against the society’s correctness. Awsome Dre doesn’t rap to please the media, he’s telling the truth.
Master Of Philosophy is powerfully smashing words against the wall. Awesome Dre is taking over with high confidence, blessing the mic.
If somebody impacted Detroit hip hop history, it is certainly Awesome Dre with his original old school style.
Check him out here.
Pay him some attention: he is really worth it!
Copyright by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved