Les Choristes: a must see film with Gerard Jugnot

Global rating of the product: 5 stars, no contest!
If you like music and here I’m not talking about a specific genre, but the music taken as a whole, you should definitely watch that world acclaimed masterpiece. Les Choristes ( The Choristers) will introduce you into a deep world made of musical dedication and intense feelings. If you ever doubted that one single person can change people’s destinies, then it is really time to believe.
In a cold boarding school aimed at unruly board, Principal Rachin ( interpreted by François Berléand) has put into place a very repressive system, promising to react to any action. For each action, there will be a consequent punishment.
In this context, Clement Mathieu ( brilliantly interpreted by Gerard Jugnot), a former music professor and a musician himself, accepts the position of supervisor. Nicknamed ” Crane D’Oeuf” by the pupils, Clement Mathieu manages to reach them, by inserting more justice into the school system and by communicating them his passion for the music.
He even reaches Morhange ( a boy everybody had given up on)’s heart. Morhange’s beautiful voice will be revealed during the movie.
Clement Mathieu nourishes a secret passion for Morhange’s mom, but to is greatest disappointment, she is engaged to somebody else.
The pureness of the kids’ voices while interpreting Rameau’s work is remarkable. It is touching and will bring most of you back to childhood times (even if yours was different from what shown in the movie).
The movie ends up on a note of hope and melancholy at the same time, as Clement Mathieu gets sacked from the school on a slight mistake.
Years have gone by and at his mother’s death, Morhange opens up Clement Mathieu’s memoirs.
The whole movie is fulfilled with the positive spirit of musical revelation. A must see, Don’t miss that one!
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3 thoughts on “Les Choristes: a must see film with Gerard Jugnot”

  1. Frankly, this post is not what I would have expected on this blog, especially by someone, who is a big fan of Eminem and a rap genre. I have been shocked positively, for I love the movie “Les Choristes”. Owing to this film, I started to learn French, because it had left me totally speechless. I even bought an original movie soundtrack, which I listen to every single day, letting the music hypnotize and constrict me like a serpent. I do love this piece of the art and I am profoundly glad, that you enjoy it either!
    Bye! 😉

  2. Sure I am a hip hop head, but I am open minded about many subjects…I have been raised into classical music and I think that this movie has an excellent lesson to teach to each of us…I am a foreign languages tutor too, so I understand fully understand a teacher’s reponsibility towards young kids…Clement Mathieu’s character is this kind of person who can and who will change these kids’ destiny…
    Well, many thanks for your input…I’m glad you enjoyed the review:)

  3. What’s The Difference Between Me and You? On Chronic 2001 with Em and Xzibit? I reckon at least they recreated the melody from an original traditional song that they ended up using in the film cos the film came out after the al um.

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