A year has gone, another has come. For most of us, a new year opens up on the possibility to face new challenges, allows new dreams and hopes. It is also a good occasion to make a retrospective walk into the past. Don’t live on regrets, don’t deplore what you haven’t been able to do. Rather see which steps allowed you to go forward. Try to envision what your mistakes were. Never condemn yourselves, rather try to correct yourselves.
This year, I have been busy. However, I also found some time to think into a more introspective way. I tried to confront some of my old demons and succeeded in some way. A new year is a wonderful occasion to get rid of things that used to torture us inside. Whether some of our problems come from our childhood or from our life experience, it is worthless to bury them into the sand, because they will reemerge from the tomb and wound our souls in a very rotten way- often unexpectedly.
So confront your unsolved problems. Face each of them. Try to analyze your mistakes in order not to repeat them over and over again.
Whatever situation you might be facing in the future, try to see the bright side in each day. Live out your passions, whatever passions they are. This will keep you positive and alive.
Don’t forget to be grateful for the little things life has to offer. Don’t expect big miracles if you are blind to the daily little ones.
Be happy. A new year has been offered to you. Make the best of it!
Dear readers, may those words be fruitful to you. I wish you a happy, prosperous, musical year 2009:)
Your favorite writer,
P.S: hopefully more reviews to come…I will be working on them asap:)
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