Powerful in the rough: Megaloh's " Pump Das"/ video review

Global rating of the product: 5 stars
I recently discovered a tight German rapper. Megaloh is no newcomer to the scene. His rapping experience goes back to 1994. The talented emcee first started rapping in English, then he decided to release albums in his mothertongue.
The richness and musicality of the German language allows the artist to play with words easily and to hit the on the head when needed.
The mixture of piano and violin allows the listeners to slowly slide into one of Berlin’s most famous ghettos, Moabit, that is also well known for its strict correctional facility where French rapper MC Jean Gab1 happened to be emprisoned, and to get familiar with the passion and drama.
Meet Megaloh’s fellows, share the difficulties of German ghetto youths that often can’t compose with nor without the educational system. Listen to him, when he talks about the difficulty of growing up, the boredom that often motivates young people for criminality and other problems. In his critical analysis of German society, that often excludes minorities from the view of the media, Megaloh also expresses the pleasure of having fun together, partying together.
What I like with Megaloh is his straight street talk, his amazing flow, his dark voice and his personal way of exposing life in C-21, the Moabit area in Berlin.
While capitals often focus on mass tourism, they often forget about their ghetto inhabitants who are- whether people would admit it or not- of their country’s history.
You go, Megaloh…keep up your narrative skills and stormy flow delivery!
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