Representing Garoua, North Cameroun: Sahel Hip Hop

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Sahel Hip Hop are a group of outstanding emcees who will bring you to the very roots of rap music. No sample use, but rather a very original mixture of traditional african instruments, keyboards, griot traditions and the typical spirit of Garoua that is made of Fulani tribes’ traditions. In their music, you will feel the drought, the sun, the force of the words spreading from their creative style.
Who are they? Babilaz, Kamikaz, Djabbar, Princesse kadidja, Saolange, Mac Disze, Cheik abdoul , dj Kader, Zab la plume and Ihmo compose the Collectif Sahel Hip Hop group.
Not only are the brilliant emcees’ melodic songs a powerful outlet for their rage, their voices are also reaching spiritual heights. If you like musical diversity and originality, you are going to enjoy Sahel Hip Hop.
Let’s discover Sahel Hip Hop’s video Sahel Hip Hop Acte 2. Offensive warriors inside and out of their car, the emcee’s voal performances are amazing. Rough voices, raw attitudes, a wonderful ability to flow with the fluency of the wind, their inventive instrumental compositions will put any listener in awe.
You will enjoy raps in which females show the same powerful punching attitude than men.
The group aims at representing both sides of Cameroon: the North side (Garoua and other Northern towns such as Maroua) and the Southern side, where most inhabitants are from the Bantu tribes. Unity, word celerity, energetic reps will definitely conquer your heart.
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