The Message: strong hip hop signature

Thanks to artists like Antoine Moore aka The Message, hip hop can proudly claim that it experiences the dawn of its rebirth. If hip hop was dead, the brilliant underground artist ( who happens to be MC Lyte’s cousin) has found a refreshing way for hip hop to be reborn from its ashes.
A raw sounding voice, some inventive and rhythmic beats, a powerful spirit are the elements of a well made musical recipe…listen to his music and you will taste it with delight. Built Like That is cadenced, explosive like dynamite, fulfilled with astute punchlines. If you’re about good hip hop, you shouldn’t sleep on that track.
In Go To Guys features Eliott Ness The Message sharpens his tongue and flows like crazy. You gotta love the offensive , marching on spirit of the song.
On Your Mark mixes roughness with some soft vocals. The Message composes, operates with precision and his words will hit where it hurts. Again, a nice flow delivery enhances the song.
Get familiar with the business’ numerous intrigues by listening to The Plot. Guitar and light piano notes corroborate with the artist’s intonations to make the listener feel the plot. The song is rhythmic, slightly interrupted with short female voice interventions. The melody has some beautiful blues accents. Loved it!
Note that this excellent artist has two albums in preparation:
“ Against All Oddz” in collaboration with R-texz that is due in Mid 2009, plus “ Cause & The Effect”: The Autobiography Album that will be ready in 2010.
Check The Message here.
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