Discover incredible beat maker Makk straight outta Rhone Alpes, France

The originality of Makk? He’s a French emcee who raps in English. Outstanding beat maker, Makk combines a gritty attitude, an incredible flow delivery and an undisputed gift for making dope ass beats.
Once you’ll step on Makk’s music page, you won’t get enough of his music.
Based on a perfectly pondered and well handled classical piano background, the Bye Bye Pre Mix is introduced by Makk’s dark, gritty voice. While the classical background induces harmony, Makk’s vocal performance produces an effect of permanent struggle and contradiction, and that’s the whole beauty of Makk’s know how. He’s authentic and fully possesses his art. You are going to love it!
Under Pressure is built on a very dark keyboard background. Makk’s very rhythmic flow delivery pours out the whole rage that will remind people of recent riots that devastated our ghettos.
Feel the rush, the rage, the constant struggle for more justice.
As the dramatic background increases, Makk’s voice seems to increase in force like a powerful prayer.
Why U Make Us Enemies: cadenced, instrumentally rich, the song describes the ghetto living conditions. It is a powerful call for more unity among street soldiers.
The atmopshere of the song is overheated, yet it has some soft accents. Lyrically, the song is very well conceived. Globally, it has the complexity of a Coolio song mixed up with Tupac’s fighting, prophetic spirit
Curious to know more about Makk? Discover his my space account.
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