Musical magnate Amy Winehouse enchants our ears…

Nearly everybody has heard of the 24 year old British singer. Whether her music gets displayed on each radio, at each cafe, whether you read about her in the media about her bi polar disorder, eating disorders, her legal troubles or drug addiction or her huge musical successes, you could barely escape the phenomenon.
Yes, the young lady is making headlines. But the main reason why the singer should make headlines is her musical endowment.
I admit being really picky regarding the pop scene, particularly the British pop scene, because a lot of untalented, trashy artists are often hailed as geniuses while they are just a bunch of annoying pricks who benefit from a good publicist and manager’s major exposures.
However, Amy Winehouse stands out in my opinion.
First of all, here is a young woman with a rebellious spirit. Her voice has the depth and power of a black woman’s vocal chords, which is very rare among white female artists.
Her remarkable musical and instrumental knowledge, inspired by jazz and soul legends spices up her music. Amy Winehouse has that power to captivate her auditorium, because the listener also gets that impression from her that she doesn’t have to cheat with emotions.
Both of her hits, I’m No Good and Rehab totally convinced me.
She has the greatness of Ella Fitzgerald transposed to our modern times. The darkness of her vocals combined with a massive use of trumpets and saxophones has that incredible power to seduce seduce a crowd of music lovers from very different musical culture and backgrounds.
She might be weak, suicidal, addicted in real life. But when it comes to making music, Amy Winehouse is truly a giant.
Discover more about the incredible artist on her personal website.
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