Apparently, a new hip hop beef is started…

and I am not impressed.
Again, it involves Eminem and his former collaborator and friend Royce da 5.9.
Apparently, Royce called Eminem a “white cracker”. While Eminem doesn’t seem to have reacted (or maybe he is preparing a diss), new Shady Records member Ca$his called Royce out.
I am pretty sure I will make some new enemies by stating this, but Ca$his should stop running his mouth and stay out of this.
Eminem has proven to be a good disser, a battle rapper, an astute wordsmith. If you actually followed the long term beef that opposed Eminem to Benzino since 2003, you would perfectly know that Eminem is big enough as an emcee to handle his own beefs without the intervention of some average emcee, no matter if he is signed to Shady Records or not.
Readers of my blog, you all know that I respect Royce as an emcee, regardless of whatever opposed him to Eminem or D12. Royce is a lyrical master. So is Em.
So let the great handle their own battles of words! Ca$his has not yet managed to prove me that he is an outstanding lyrical genius.
On a side note, I’d like to share the comment from one of my my space readers (Kevin), who happens to be an emcee too:
“It was not a diss!The line was paraphrasing “ask me who the best rapper” “Like askin Slim Shady whos the best cracker…Straighten ya face up that aint a diss” he says it aint a diss.The line apparently went over Ca$his’ head.Im a white Emcee thats a compliment.Its cool I hope it gives Royce some new material he would beast ca$ no problem.Ca$his doesnt have the lyrical arsenal to comeback from anything Royce does.”
Which tends to prove that Ca$his slightly missed the point.
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4 thoughts on “Apparently, a new hip hop beef is started…”

  1. Isa,
    A few months back… didn’t Royce want to squash his beef with Em and team up???

  2. thaz rite,.. it got squashed,.. now som “fucked up crooked teeth nigga on crack with fake ass tattoos done by fiends on heroin” wanna starts sum new shit between em and royce,.. please jump off a building and kill yoself,.. broke ass mo’fucka,..
    man if proof was still here u woulda shut up,.. proof and royce would kill ya broke ass,..
    and what the most embarrising thing is about this all,.. brotha go make a video to explain he dont want no diss and he just want to tell sum…
    PLEASE nigga,.. if ya wanna say sum, DO IT IN ROYCE HIS FACE!! FUCKING PUSSY,.. talking about u gon do royce when u see him,..

  3. fuck that, i think cashis had a right to do that, i woulda done the same thing, it’s like if a white dude said something like “you think you the bigger figure, well i’ll be the realer nigga, and that aint a diss” it dont give a fuck, he fuckin called him a cracker. what a dick.

  4. First of all, Ca$his seems to act before he thinks.
    I am fed up with brainless people misinterpreting words or situations…this is how needless hip hop wars get started and people get killed for stupid word wars…it is quite clear that in this precise case, Royce got misquoted and misinterpreted.
    To your info “Fuck ser”:
    Royce and Em are both from Detroit…their friendship goes back to at least the early 90’s…and whatever beefs might have happened in the meantime with D12, both emcees will always share a common spirit from the D, whatever you might think…

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