Exclusive Warpath interview!

1. What motivated you to become a rapper?
I started writing poetry at an early age so I had rhyme schemes and the formula on lock from jump. I hooked up with some local cats from the Neighborhood and like clockwork it was on.
2. What is the biggest challenge you had to face since you started rapping?
Being understood and excepted for what I have to say.
3. How did you come up with that powerful “The Catalyst Of Elohim” nickname?
Eloheim is Hebrew for God and if you break the words down further its actual meaning is Water God. I’m an aquarius. Not that I follow the stars are anything like that. It just makes since. The Catalyst is the start or beginning, Eloheim is a group consisting of myself and BME. I started the group!
Hence Warpath the catalyst of Eloheim.
4. Your music is deeply linked with faith and spiritual battles…is it a way to express the closeness between hip hop and faith or simply your vision of the world- or maybe both?
Most definitely Both. I believe many compromise self to be heard yet only the deaf seem to give ear to the most popular rappers in the industry. Meaning its mostly meaningless foolishness on the radio. Then you have the underground full of the most diverse meaningful conscience emcees around. We don’t compromise ourselves to get recognized. Its like Jesus said they will hate you because of me. So it makes perfect since to keep the balance of Faith and Hip Hop within all of my tracks. By no means do I consider myself a christian rapper tho.
5. To what extent did the environment you grew up in shape your artistic creativity?
What I’ve been through has shaped my every thought. I’ve been in situations that I’m not proud of. I moved around a lot, I had very good environments to live in and very poor ones as well. I’ve been homeless with nothing at all but Jehovah and Jesus Christ. My creativity is reality.
6. You are currently working on three different projects…can you tell us about them within a few words?
Personal, positive and ill!
7. Which artists have you collaborated with already?
Detroit City Prospects, Optimist, Sunset the GOD emcee, Graffiti, other locals most wouldn’t know.
8. Which artist(s) -mainstream or underground- have earned your respect on the hip hop scene and why?
I can respect anyone who stays true to self.
9. What are your thoughts about the current state of hip hop?
There’s only few in my opinion that are really keeping it alive. The radio is doing nothing to help push real talent and neither is the industry.
10. Old school or new school…where goes your preference?
Mixed, I’d have to say between like 92- 96 was the best Hip hop coming out consistently. Now its like you have to search far and wide to find the REAL HIP HOP!
11. Which artist(s) (mainstream or underground) you haven’t collaborated with would you envision a collaboration with in a close future?
12. Besides hip hop, what kind of music do you listen to?
R&B, some Rock, I’m pretty eclectic. The state of music as a whole has got to step it back up or rather, the powers that be have to put the artist first.
P.ositive E.nergy A.llows C.onstant E.levation!
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