Warpath' eyes guide you through the world of the Invisible…

Warpath is far from being your average Detroit underground emcee. Nicknamed the Catalyst of Elohim, the incredible artist will guide his listener into a mystical world made of angels and demons, in which the spiritual dimension of the rap battle really matters. You will be guest to the final battle , your eyes will open on a strange theater. Faith is the fundament of Warpath’ music. To fully get his music in its whole, spiritual dimension, you need to be able to share his colorful vision in which, instrumentals, world, invicible faith walk together to the path of victory.
Today I’d like to invite you for the discovery of two new Warpath songs.
Reality’s Nightmare is introduced by flute, violins and piano sounds. As any spiritual man (or woman) would probably know, the world of faith is made of harsh internal combats during which you will probably walk on a few skeletons, meet some scary demons, battle your own anguish and feeling of desperation before you will be able to step to the final victory.
The talented artist will conduct you through his own living nightmare, a scary vision of desolation…welcome to the hood in which money destroys more that it can achieve…face hell’s creatures, view them with Warpath’s eyes, drop scepticism, be ready to fight with the rage of a man who has nothing to lose. Overwhelmed by the dark, Warpath describes a demonic world. The only way out is your own degree of faith.
While travelling through the world of evil, facing the Valley of Pain, Death Avenue, Warpath’ faith and beliefs will keep you alive. Well done.
Rain Drops keeps our senses awake. The song, that is taken out of Warpath’ upcoming Blood Pen project, will amaze you with the astute use of chord instrumental that will intelligently simulate the rain falling down on the face of the earth…special effects will make you feel the wind on your face.
There is a proximity in Hebrew between “Ha Shem” (the Name i.e God’s Name) and geshem (the rain)…this proximity will allow us to make a parallel between Warpath pouring out his pain and rage while the spirit of the Almighty listens to him. The song, that is beautifully written, has the deep resonance of a psalm. Contrary to a common opinion, a prayer doesn’t have to be positive…you have the right to express your feelings to God, no matter how you feel.
No matter from how deep you send your profound cry, God will answer your de profundis clamavi prayer.
Enter into Warpath’ spiritual world here.
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