Somebody takes pride in stealing the articles from my personal website!

To the owner of the following website.
To whom it may concern!
I hope that you are aware you stole ORIGINAL articles from my personal website I created years ago (2002 for your info). I never gave you my authorization to publish MY ORIGINAL ARTICLES and to claim them as the product of your work.
I hope that you are also AWARE that since there is a COPYRIGHT attached to each of my articles regarding Eminem, his family and any other music related or not topic., I am THE ONLY ONE TO DECIDE where I want my articles to be on the net!
I think you probably know that you are exposing yourself to a LAWSUIT if I ever find out who you are!
Sincerely yours,
Isabelle Esling , one and only author of the articles you claim to be yours!
Please take note of this as a fair warning. So, either you quote your source…or you remove those articles from your “website”.
Ciao fucker. You ought to know that you REALLY SUCK.
Next time, buy yourself a personality, some intelligence and some originality, because it really sucks to be an unoriginal and uncreative person such as you. I’d rather kill myself than being a plagiarist!!!

2 thoughts on “Somebody takes pride in stealing the articles from my personal website!”

  1. People think they have the right to take whatever they want on the internet…but it is so much untrue…there are PRECISE rules regarding copyright (c) anything that is copyrighted is protected…those who steal articles take the risk to get badly sued by the author!
    i’ll go after anybody who steals my original work…won’t leave them alone…
    I’m not a rude person…i never refused anybody to publish my work if they had the decency to put my name and link to my site…but when people are that much uneducated to simply steal what they can’t write, they don’t deserve better than insults!!!

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